Alaskan Thunder Fuck Strain Review

Alaskan-Thunder-FuckType :  62.5 % Indica /37.5 % Sativa
Flowering Period :   56 – 60 days
Climate  :  Indoors/mostly Outdoors (best during mid-October)
Yield :   Fair to Good – up to 350 g/m2
Stone  :  Cerebral High
THC Level  :  up to 33 %
Height :  Medium
Grow Difficulty : Easy to Moderate

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Special Features

  • Alaskan Thunder Fuck (ATF) is a hybrid or mostly Indica but also has a gene mixture of Russian Ruderalis. This was also originally bred for potency in the early 70’s coming from the bagseed of Northern California Sativa and Russian Ruderalis. Then, this was redrafted in the year 1976 along with the introduction of Afghan to its genepool.
  • ATF can also be grown in indoors but it is best grown outdoors as it doesn’t autoflower when grown indoors. Outdoor growing will also enable the strain to flower earlier.
  • The flowering time of ATF may take about 8 to 9 weeks and THC level can ranges up to 33% high with a CBD level of over 1.5 %.
  • ATF can have wide leaf blades when fully grown and fan leaves have also the potential of getting big. The buds are light green frosted once comes out with silver trichs.
  • When ATF are grown, it is usually bushy with spear-shaped colas and medium in height.
  • Alaskan Thunder Fuck makes you feel more talkative and intellectual at times since its effects is thought-inducing high or cerebral high.
  • This strain is used to treat people who have sleep disorders or apnea, chronic migraines and PTSD.
  • The smell of ATF is like a fresh lemon scent with a combination of menthol, frosty and pine scent.
  • The taste of Alaskan Thunder Fuck is very smooth, delicious and coats your throat instantly which help you protect from any heat element like any other strains do.

Growing Alaskan Thunder Fuck Tips

Although this strain is suggested to be grown outdoors, indoor growing is still recommended. All you need to do is to have a hydro set-up. Alaskan Thunder Fuck does not like high humidity or too much moisture. You must need to provide sufficient light in order to harvest high quality strains.

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