Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review – Legit or Scam? reviewsGrowing marijuana from seeds is very rewarding because you are sure that your seeds are healthier and the yield will be bigger than those grown from clones. This Amsterdam Marijuana Seed review was written to provide you an idea to whether or not the marijuana seed company is a good choice.

If you are looking for some high quality marijuana seeds, then buying it from a legit marijuana seed company is the best option especially if you are in a country where marijuana is not legal. is one of the many marijuana seed bank that does legit business on the internet. There are actually a lot reviews out there that tells how good this company is.

We did our research about the company and we did some test orders with them and here’s what we found out about them.

TYPE of COMPANY: Online Seed Shop
LOCATION: The Netherlands
SHIPPING: Worldwide Shipping
PAYMENT METHODS: Bitcoin, Bank/SEPA, Cash, Western Union, Credit Card

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Company’s History

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds has been in the industry since 1993. Since then, it has been shipping high quality marijuana seeds to almost every country all over the world. The company has been known for its discreet speedy shipping.

It was established by a group of cannabis stoners who have since then dedicated their lives to the breeding, collecting as well as spreading of marijuana seeds all over the world. The group believes that everybody deserves the right to enjoy the advantages brought about by marijuana for use on recreational, educational, as well as medicinal purposes.


There are a lot of options when it comes to choosing marijuana strains. As a matter of fact, the main page of the website is proud to claim that they offer more than 100 different types of strains, and they are categorized accordingly. They also have a portion in the website which highlights the “hot” items available, introducing them and making them easily accessible even to new cannabis growers. Aside from seeds, they also sell related products.

amsterdam marijuana seeds


Customer service can be contacted through email. At the same time, they also have a page for frequently asked questions, allowing you to find your answers without having to ask directly to a customer service representative of the company. The company has received great feedback for their customer service features.


The website is pretty easy to use. Everything that you need can be found in one page, with links that lead to organized pages. However, accessing the pages is quite easy to do, with graphics and images that are clear enough to guide you in making decisions when purchasing. A lot of customers like the fact that hot deals are displayed on the first page, including offers, allowing them to enjoy them. For every strain option, the number of seeds that are included in the pack is included in the information, allowing you to know what you are getting. At the same time, even though the main language used for the website is English, you can easily change the language for better understanding. At the same time, the currency displaced for the marijuana seed prices can also be changed depending on the customers’ location.


There are a lot of payment options that are available. You may make a payment through Bitcoin, Bank/SEPA, Cash, Western Union, and Credit Card. The processing time and posting period of each payment varies, but they are also included in the payment option page. There is also a discount attached for each payment option, and some of them also allows for payment anonymity.

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Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds offers discreet shipping worldwide. Your order gets shipped on working days the moment payment is received. Customers are provided with tracking information so that checking on the order status is easy. The shipping time does not just depend on the company’s postal service schedule, but also the local postal services so delivery could take 7 to 28 days.

You might have heard some people who are saying that they never got their seeds. This happens to any company out there. It’s because of laws in your country. It is not permitted to import agricultural products to any country like seeds that’s why customs confiscate them. But this not an issue since nobody cares about a few seeds in the mail. You might get a notice letter of confiscation from customs but nobody will knock on your door for this.

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds will help you with issues like this. But so far this company has high success rate of delivery to any part of the world.

We actually got our 2 test orders with no problem here.


– The website provides comprehensive information about the strains that are available
– Wide range of strains available
– Discreet and stealth packaging
– Clear images used
– Related products also presented easily
– Hot deals easily seen from the main page
– Superb customer service.
– They also offer other merchandise like fertilizers, Tshirts, CBD oil, and many others.


– There are some countries in which the seeds may not be delivered
– No background detailed information regarding the company itself but they are in The Netherlands (that should be enough) to tell you about the quality of their products.


A lot of customers agree to the fact that Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is one of the leading online seed banks these days. Aside from being able to provide stealth shipping and a wide variety of strain options, the website is also very easy to use, most especially for first time users of the website. There is also a good customer service support system which can provide answers to inquiries regarding the products being offered on the site.

Final Verdict

Overall, Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds provide a guaranteed option when it comes to online seed banks. Aside from the fact that it comes with a wide range of options on strains, that is, over 100 available strains, guaranteed delivery, worldwide shipping and high quality customer service, the website is also very easy to use. This is beneficial even for those who have visited the website for the first time. There are also other information made available, such as a grow guide, blog and other info that surely can help you. The shipping and payment processes are also quite easy to accomplish, allowing you to take your time with every phase. The business has also received good reputation and reviews from a lot of customers, adding to their reliability.

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