Best Marijuana Growing Tips To Remember

Best-Marijuana-Growing-TipsAs easy as it looks, growing marijuana still entails a lot of work and dedication. There are factors that has to be considered such as the grow environment. Not to mention the amount of work and tactics that you have to come up with just to cover up that you are growing marijuana. You need to know the right ways on how to successfully and safely grow marijuana. In order to help you with that end, here are some of the best marijuana growing tips that you can follow.

Best Marijuana Growing Tips

  • Grow from seeds and not from clones – Clones have been slowly trending nowadays because you won’t have to go through with the germination process anymore. But there are more disadvantages with using clones. It is true that you may attain high percentage of obtaining a female marijuana plant as long as its parent is a female marijuana plant as well. Clones are more prone to diseases, pests and genetic weaknesses since it can take with it whatever disease the parent plant has. If you start from seeds, it is a fresh, new marijuana plant. Also, clones may be hard to come by compared to seeds where stores are rampant online.
  • You can start with feminized seeds – The preferred gender that marijuana growers want to have for their plans is female. If you want to be certain that you will get a female marijuana plant, you can start planting with feminized seeds rather than the regular one. With the regular marijuana seeds, you are not sure whether or not you will get a female plant. You don’t want to waste your time cultivating the plants only to know that the gender of your marijuana plant is male. To save you from any of those doubts and uncertainty, it is best choice that you plant feminized seeds.
  • Do not put too much water on your marijuana plants – Even with other species of plants, putting too much water on them is not healthy. Yes they do need the water but keep it at the optimum level to make sure that your plants get the right nutrients. Always check how heavy your pot or the wetness of your grow medium is in order to check whether it is time to freshen them up or to keep them as it is.
  • Do not put too much fertilizer – Fertilizers may enhance the quality of your soil which can then promote a healthy marijuana plant growth. Since fertilizers have a certain amount of nutrients that the plants need to grow, putting too much of these might cause root burn caused by supplying too much nutrients to your plants. For high-quality soil mixture, it is advisable to either put only enough or not at all. It is even recommended to keep the nutrient supply from the natural source instead from these synthetic fertilizers.

Whenever you are in doubt, just remember these best marijuana growing tips. These can help guide you with your growing process.