Blue Cheese Marijuana Strain Review


Type:  Mostly Indica
Flowering Period: 55 days
Climate:  Indoors or Outdoors, as long as it is cool
Yield:   Medium
Height:  Medium
Grow Difficulty:  Easy

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Special Features of Blue Cheese

It is one of the best marijuana strains if a person is looking for relaxation.

It is one that gives a high level of euphoria and an even higher level of happiness to the person being administered to.

It could make a person both sleepy and uplifted.

It is also a great stress reliever.

It alleviates bodily pain; hence, it is good for those who have hurting medical conditions. It could also cure muscular spasms.

It helps people with clinical depression because of the chemicals it releases into the bloodstream.

It helps cure the inability to fall asleep at night and insomnia.

It could help a person eat whenever he or she does not have the appetite for food.

It has three flavors: blueberry cheese, cheese, and pungent.

Growing Blue Cheese Tips

This marijuana strain thrives on countries where the climate is generally cool. Also, due to its short flowering period, it is best that a person watch the pot wisely. Many people recommend finding a good fertilizer with an appropriate Nitrogen to Phosphorous to Potassium (NPK) ratio. Moreover, growers are also recommended to do trimming and pruning from time to time as marijuana strains grow.

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