How to Buy Marijuana Seeds on the Internet Safely

buy marijuana seeds safelyOrdering marijuana seeds online has become an ever growing trend by a lot of cannabis growers from around the world. It is totally safe and secure for as long as you are buying from a real and legitimate online marijuana seed bank and if you follow some precautionary measures. Before going ahead and spending your hard-earned money for your weed seeds, read the tips on how to buy marijuana seeds on the internet safely.

Buying marijuana seeds on the internet is basically not permitted by all countries so it is very much recommended that you check with your local laws before ordering marijuana seeds on the internet. Usually, marijuana seed banks have their own disclaimer that says something like this “Check your local laws before you order marijuana seeds”.  It’s already your fault if you don’t follow this suggestion.

Here are some of the precautionary measures so that you can order marijuana seeds on the internet safely.

Be Discrete

How can you keep other people’s mouth shut if you cannot keep yours? Do not tell anyone about your marijuana grow even your friends especially if they are not into growing or smoking marijuana. Yes, even with your best friend except if you smoke together or if he or she is part of your grow project as well.

Read Seedbank Reviews

Always do a background check of the different marijuana seed banks that you find to be promising if you don’t want to deal with a scam. There are a lot of marijuana seed banks out there. There are also a lot of review sites, forums, blogs, etc that are willing to help you with the information that you may need.

Do not buy marijuana seeds in bulk

Do not buy in bulk packages so that you can make sure that it won’t be eye catchy to the customs. Or if you don’t want to go for the risk of losing your order in the mail, then do not buy in bulk so that you won’t lose big time.

If you really want to buy in bulk because of the discount and if you are really a heavy grower then let the company ship your order in separate mail or boxes so that you won’t lose a lot of money if your order gets lost in transit.

Do not use business or work address

If you can use aliases, then the better. Do not ever use your business address or work email address in dealing with the marijuana seedbank because companies usually have trackers in their computer systems. They might know that you ordered marijuana seeds on the internet if you do not use your personal email and address.

Be Patient

Do not start calling or contacting the customer service support lines of the marijuana seedbank if your order does not arrive in a week, two or a month because most of the high quality marijuana seedbanks with low priced marijuana seeds are in Amsterdam which is really not near so it would usually take 15 business days or more for your order to arrive to the USA or any other part of America.

There are more things that you can do so that you can order marijuana seeds on the internet safely. However, I just covered the most common tips that have worked to a lot of people to me as well.