Buying Weeds Seeds USA

Meta Description: USA is one of those countries where weed has been rampant. A lot are growing and selling. So if you’re in the USA, how do you buy weed seeds then? Read on to find out more.


Buying weed seeds USA can be hard. It would depend though on the legalization of this product in the USA. There are actually marijuana seed stores in the USA in some places in the country. But they are not that many though. Only enough that they only are established in states where marijuana is legal. The most common way for Americans to buy marijuana is online. This is the most accessible way for them to buy marijuana. Here are some of those marijuana seed stores that are situated in the USA.

Weed Seeds USA

  • La Plata Labs – originated from the La Plata County, Colorado at 7,000 feet of elevation, when a group of skilled breeders came together to collect and create some of the strongest marijuana strains in the world. La Plata’s first release was their Hybrid Series, consisting of Alien crosses, OG Kush hybrids and various Skunks that they’ve been stabilizing for years.
  • Elemental Seeds – Founded in 2010, Elemental Seeds grew out of a partnership of award-winning breeders and growers at the Elemental Wellness Center in San Jose, CA, one of the finest medical marijuana collectives run by activist patients, which seeks to provide only the best cannabis, concentrates and edibles. They’re famous for their multiple Medical Cannabis Cup winner genetics that continuously amazes judges year after year. In a contest with many OG hybrids, the True OG always shines through.
  • Archive Seed Bank – Archive’s Bomb Threat won third place indicaat the 2013 San Francisco Medical Cannabis Cup, and their Grimace OG won third- place indica in Los Angeles the same year. Meanwhile, concentrates made from Archive strains have scored notable victories as well. And with over 30 strains to choose from, you’re sure to find a keeper here.

There are a lot more but these are some that are considered good marijuana seed stores.

Why Buy Marijuana Seeds Online when in America

Many would prefer to buy marijuana seeds online. Not just in America but also for marijuana growers around the globe.They find it more convenient buy marijuana seeds online because of the fact that marijuana is not legalized in many countries. Online seed banks have devised a strategy such that they can ship their products safely.There are many reasons why many of them would prefer buying marijuana seeds online. Here are some of them:

  • Some of the items are on sale in the online store.
  • Varieties of a certain product is available online and not in the actual store.
  • If the product is only available in another place.
  • Easier to shop online than going to the store itself, less hassle.
  • Many people would rather sit and shop in the comforts of their home than spend energy and time going to a store and then finding out it’s not available in the store.


Weed seeds USA can be hard to acquire for some people but with proper knowledge on how to properly buy it online can come in handy to successfully acquire your marijuana seeds.