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Best Marijuana Growing Tips To Remember

As easy as it looks, growing marijuana still entails a lot of work and dedication. There are factors that has to be considered such as the grow environment. Not to mention the amount of work and tactics that you have to come up with just to cover up that you are growing marijuana. You need […]

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Best Marijuana Plants to Grow Outdoors

You can grow marijuana indoors and outdoors. Many would think that every strain is applicable at every environment. But you can identify those strains that can grow best outdoors. Growing outdoors have its advantages and disadvantages. It is usually favorable and preferred for many growers because the nutrients needed for plant growth is readily available […]

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Best Soil for Growing Marijuana

Fertilizers are widely used by many growers in order to enhance the growth of their marijuana plants. But you can’t just put any kind of fertilizer. In order to yield the best grown marijuana plant, you need to also have the best fertilizers that can supply the right amount of nutrients that the marijuana plant […]

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