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Growing Marijuana Indoors with Screen of Green Method

The Screen of Green method for growing marijuana indoors is a productive system suitable for growers who have a limited vertical space. This type of system makes use of a horizontal screen and is a good choice if you plan to grow weed in an old fridge, cabinet and home-built grows box or tent. In […]

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Training and Trimming During Cannabis Vegetative Growth

Training and trimming marijuana plants during the vegetative period is one of the best ways to control growth and increase the final yield as it helps increase the size and the number of budding areas. Please note that the growth may be slowed down for a few days right after trimming or training or any […]

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Grow Marijuana Indoors using Sea of Green Method

Sea of Green is a method of growing cannabis indoors for fast production of buds. This type of method involves growing several small weed plants that mature faster. The plants are forced into the flowering period after 2 weeks of the vegetative stage, so harvesting of buds can be done weeks earlier than allowing the […]

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