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The Cheapest Cannabis Seeds

Prices of marijuana seeds vary with quality, so they say. But it is not entirely true that the quality dictates the price of a commodity. Sad to say, this is true to any kind of product. High quality marijuana seeds does not have to be the expensive ones. You just need to find the cheapest […]

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Ways to Detox Marijuana

Marijuana addiction could be one of the things that many people dread to experience. Also, there are those who just take it for leisure but are not dependent on it. Either way, they are still users but not as frequent as those who are addicted by it. But it is just too hard to get […]

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Things You Need To Know About Fertilizing Marijuana

Fertilizing marijuana can be beneficial for your soil to improve the growth of your marijuana plants. There are different kinds of fertilizers that you can use. You can use the natural fertilizers. Have some organic wastes, gather them and fill them in your soil mixture and you get a fertilized soil mix. But you can […]

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