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Top 5 Low Odor Marijuana Strains

Some people just can’t get their nose off of other people’s business. This dilemma also happens to a lot of marijuana growers. It is a fact that marijuana strains give off different kinds of scents. Although some odors can be easily controlled, there are other marijuana varieties that come off really pungent. This can be […]

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Top Marijuana Marijuana Grow Rooms

A lot of people may be wondering what exactly is a marijuana grow room. For those who are very keen in growing their very own cannabis, a grow room should be considered to be very important and vital especially if you intend to grow your own marijuana in an indoor environment. So, one should be […]

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Best Marijuana Vaporizers Review – Weed Vaporizers Comparison

Vaporizers are known to be one of the most modern and safest ways to use marijuana. We published a blog post “Difference Between Smoking and Vaporizing Marijuana Explained” to give you an idea why vaporizing is the safest way to go. It can only release clean smoke that’s made of pure cannabis and not from […]

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