Cheese Marijuana Strain Review

Che-eseGenetics: Mostly Indica
Climate: Indoor and Outdoor
Yield: 800 grams per meter squared maximum
Height: Average; vine-like
Flowering Time: eight weeks
Effect: Long-lasting, very stoned
THC Level: 18.5%
Growing: Easy

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Special Features

Cheese is an Indica-dominant seed from the United Kingdom. It is a breed of the selected skunk phenotype. It is known to have been discovered in the late 1980s. Breeders have increased the Cheese’s trichome production and yields by breeding it with the Afghani Indica genetics. Because of this breed, Cheese strains create a very positive effect to its users.

Cheese strain has a sharp, sour aroma, and it has a unique flavour and potency. It also produces a diesel-smelling or fruity phenotype. It grows in a vine-like structure as it has a lot of branches. It crawls and climbs slowly but strongly or intensely.

The cheese strains grow both indoors and outdoors. Harvesters could yield up to eight hundred grams of cheese strains per meter squared, or 20 to 30 grams per plant.

The THC level of Cheese feminized is 18.5%. It is quite strong as an Indica plant, so it is expected to produce a lot of benefits to individuals. It creates a very stoned and long-lasting effect. It is highly reliable as a relaxing herb, and its powerful effects stun a lot of users.

As an Indica strain, Cheese is used for medicinal or therapeutic purposes. It is used to reduce pain. It is also utilized for individuals with insomnia or sleep problems. When individuals feel anxious or stressed, all they have to do is take or smoke some Cheese strains and they’d feel relaxed and stress-free at night. People may also feel happy and somewhat euphoric after taking this powerful Indica strain. It is a great solution then for people who easily get depressed or down.

Tips For Growers:

You won’t have any problem growing Cheese seeds. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors. It prefers some moderate amount of fertilizer, and it grows with a medium height. Proper lighting is also important, especially when growing it indoor so that the leaves and strains will fully develop into very useful marijuana strains.

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