Cherry Pie Strain Review – Growing Cannabis Tips

Cherry-PieType: Indica dominant; hybrid
Flowering Period: 8 to 9weeks
Climate: Outdoor (Mediterranean)
Yield:     400 and 450 grams per square meter
Stone:     Tranquil body high
THC Level:  16 to 18 %
Height:   Medium
Grow Difficult: Easy

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Special Features of Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie, also goes under the names Cherry Kush and Cherry Kush Pie, is an indica dominant hybrid of two highly respected strains, the Granddaddy Purple, F1 and the Durban Poison.

Its dense buds are covered with orange hairs and a touch of purple hue. It gives off aroma of sweet and sour cherry pie. It was endowed with recognition as one of the best medical marijuana strains in the entire Bay Area in California.

Rumor has it that Cherry Pie is actually just a rejuvenated version of Cherry Kush, but many growers beg to disagree with this as this strain maintains a 3x over indica-based property.

This strain provides more of a calm body high that makes the users feel as if they are melting. It has been reported that users experienced a bit of a comedown after a 3-hour buzz.

While this strain packs a powerful hit, it gives medicinal properties to the mind and body in the afternoon and late evening hours. It provides pain relief for users who suffer from chronic muscle and tendon illness. In addition, it is also a great alleviator of chronic stress, anxiety, insomnia, and poor appetite.

Cherry Pie was endowed with recognition as one of the best medical marijuana strains in the entire Bay Area region in California.

This strain is said to be a 3x over indica-based property.

Growing Cherry Pie Tips

This strain is required to be cultivated outdoors which has the same warm temperature as the Mediterranean to thrive. Cherry Pie is good for the first time outdoor growers since it does not require too much attention and support especially during flowering time. It is highly advised to cultivate Cherry Pie in hydro or soil with carefully controlled supply of nutrients. Make sure you also put sufficient amount of light and water for better yields.

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