Choosing Your Grow Medium

medium_412421149222To get huge yield and potent buds, there are several factors you need to focus on aside from just simply knowing and learning the basics of how to grow cannabis. Aside from getting the best light for indoor grow room, know the different options available for growing mediums. The medium is where your cannabis plants will grow, from the seedling stage up to the time they will produce buds.  Know what properties you should look for in a medium to grow healthy cannabis plants. Whatever kind of growing medium chosen, make sure it has good draining properties and will allow the roots to breathe.

Below is an outline of some of the most popular growing mediums good for growing marijuana:

Soil Medium

soilFor many growers (especially new growers), soil is the easiest to use because of its accessibility and low price. This can also be perfect for those who are new to pot growing because it is more forgiving and can easily be managed. It is the fastest way to get started because you can just buy a good soil medium from the garden stores. Some new growers would opt to just buy good quality commercial potting soil while advanced growers find it more fun, exciting and challenging to create their own soil medium mixes. In choosing soil and knowing how to grow marijuana in this medium, factors such as texture and pH should also be considered. The best soil medium should have a pH of around 6.5 to 7, have good water retention and good draining properties.

Hydroponic System Mediums

hydroponicgrowsystem-300x225Though the hydro set-up is expensive to run, less forgiving and more difficult to use, still many growers choose to grow marijuana plants in this kind of set-up. How to grow pot in hydroponics is quite difficult especially for new growers but in this kind of set up, the marijuana plants can grow faster and healthier because there will be no soil-related diseases encountered while growing. Below is a list of different mediums good to use in a hydro system:

Expanded clay pellets

aquaclayOr also called as hydroton, are neutral in pH and have good draining properties. To use this medium, heat the clay pellets until they will expand. Because of its good ability to hold oxygen and nutrients, it is good to add in other growing mediums with poor drainage capacity.


PictureIt is one of the mostly preferred medium by hydro growers because of its water-holding capacity. It will also allow the roots to breathe, resulting to healthy growth of the roots and quick uptake of nutrients. Overwatering is not a problem when this medium is used.


perlite-tightHas a neutral pH, very lightweight (suitable to use for containers) and can drain water fast. This medium has a tendency to float on the water and some particles may clog the pumps in hydro system.