Choosing the Best Indoor Grow Lights for Marijuana

Indoor Grow Lights for MarijuanaHow to grow cannabis outdoors is said to be easier and inexpensive compared to growing marijuana indoors because the light is sourced from the sun. However, many growers have claimed that indoor pot growing brings more advantages. Cannabis is just like other plants that need light in order to grow. Since sunlight is absent indoors, you have to select the best type of artificial light for the marijuana plants, a kind of light that can replicate the sun. In how to grow pot, there is also a need to fully understand the lighting basics, light cycles and different types of marijuana grow lights.

How to Grow Pot- Different Lighting Options


cflCompact fluorescent lights are good for small grow spaces. This type of light is not ideal to use for grow rooms with bigger spaces because they have poor light brilliance. It generates very little heat so you can just easily hang it around the sides of the marijuana plants. To increase light coverage, you can put CFLs as close as possible to the plants. Mostly preferred for small-scale marijuana growing because of the low running cost, smaller size and does not require a ballast to run.

High Intensity Discharge Lamps

High intensity discharge lamps are the most commonly used artificial lighting in indoor marijuana grow rooms because of efficiency. Metal halides and high pressure sodium are the two types of HID lamps.

Metal halides

 Metal-Halide-LampAre a good source of artificial white light and excellent to use during the marijuana’s vegetative stage. However, it produces a lot of heat because of its light brilliance so good ventilation within the grow room must be maintained.

High pressure sodium

High-Pressure-Sodium-Bulb-NG-Range-Emit orange/red light spectrum which is good for the flowering phase of marijuana but not during the vegging period in which the blue spectrum is needed. It is an excellent use for bud production. It is a popular choice by several cannabis growers because of its efficiency. However, the use of HPS has also some cons which include high electricity bill, huge amount of heat emitted and short life compared to other artificial lighting types.

LED grow lights

High-Power-LED-Grow-LightLED runs a very low heat so you can position it in an angle directed to the plants without worrying about heat burn. Even though it is really costly during the initial set-up, it is extremely efficient to use and has long life because it does not require a ballast in order to run. It is an ideal choice for those growing marijuana in a hydro set-up.

Fluorescent tubes

fluorescent-tubesThis type of artificial light is good to use on marijuana cuttings/clones, for cannabis seedlings and during the vegetative period. It can be used during the flowering phase but high yield and excellent quality of the buds are not expected. To get the most out of this light type, you need to position it at least 6 to 8 inches away from the plants. It has a low running cost but has bad light penetration because the light brilliance from these long glass tubes degrades fast.

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