Different Marijuana Products That You Can Enjoy

Meta Description: You might think that marijuana is just all about the smoke. Think again because there are a lot more marijuana products available. Read on to find out what they are.

chocolate-marijuana-chemicals-07-28Are you tired of just smoking your marijuana? There are more ways of enjoying your favorite dried herb. Eat it, put some on your skin or just smoke it, marijuana can be mixed to almost anything just like any other plant or herb. In order for you to know what these different ways of making use of marijuana, here is the list of marijuana products that you can try.

Different Marijuana Products

  • Marijuana Vaporizers – this is very similar to smoking but there is just a few things that are different between the two. When you vaporize marijuana, what you inhale is vapor and not smoke. Smoke is produced when you burn the marijuana buds just like what you do when you smoke it. Vaporizers just heats up the marijuana up to a temperature when marijuana produces a vapor. Many studies have shown that vaporizing has lesser harmful effects compared to smoking.
  • Marijuana Edibles – this is one of the most popular ways of using marijuana. You can mix marijuana into your favorite treats. The most famous being the marijuana brownies. Cannabutter is also a popular choice. It has been found that marijuana edibles takes effect slower but the effect lasts longer. Since this is the case, it is advisable to control the amount that you eat. Because this might be more than you can handle once it kicks in.
  • Medical Tinctures and Tonics–marijuana can be mixed into tinctures and tonics which can then be added to food and drinks. Sometimes it is applied to the skin or consumed directly in a controlled amount or just by placing a drop under the tongue.
  • Marijuana Topicals – marijuana can also be made into lotions or salves or any product that you apply to your skin. This marijuana product is an effective analgesic and anti-inflammatory treatment. It also provides a relief for arthritis, chapped skin, eczema, minor burns, muscle soreness, sunburns, swellings and joint pains.
  • Marijuana Teas and Sodas–you do know that marijuana is sold as dried buds or leaves. This is also true with other teas. Just like other teas, you soak the marijuana in boiling water in a cup. Let it sit for about half an hour to let the water extract the taste and goodness of marijuana. After which, you can add milk or any other additive to make your drink tastier.
  • Marijuana Hash and Wax–you can take your marijuana resin from the flowers of the female marijuana plant also known as trichomes. These can be compressed into small cubes. These can then be eaten, smoked or added to any of your marijuana edibles. The edge of this marijuana product from other marijuana products is that it is more potent. It was found that trichomes contains more THC compared to the other parts of the marijuana plant such as the buds.