Different Ways of How To Make Marijuana Brownies

Meta Description: Are you tired of just smoking your marijuana? Spice it up by mixing it with your brownie batter and enjoy with your favorite treat. Read on to find out more.

weed-brownies-01Marijuana edibles have gained popularity because marijuana users would want something different for their marijuana. Smoking routinely, though the easiest, most common and convenient way of taking marijuana, can sometimes be boring. That is why, many marijuana users found a lot of different things to make it more interesting. Just like infusing your favorite desert with marijuana such as the brownies. Brownies are very popular around the world with different flavors, chocolate being the most popular. This delicious treat can be modified to entice marijuana users and to do away with the regular marijuana smoking. The steps on how to make marijuana brownies is simple and easy to follow. Many have already learned how to do this and made their own varieties of this treat. So here are some of the ways of making your own marijuana brownies.

How To Make Marijuana Brownies

Oil Method


  • Oil (any kind of oil can be used other than olive oil)
  • 5 grams of ganja preserving
  • Grinder
  • Filter (coffee filter or pasta strainer will do)
  • Brownie mix
  • Frying pan
  • Wood spoon


  1. For a batch of brownies, a half ounce of dank or an ounce of mids is needed. Grind these up in your grinder or coffee grinder multiple times until it turns into powder.
  2. After which, spread it in a frying pan. Match the frying pan to the size of the burner to have an even cook which is very important to extract THC properly.
  3. Pour oil directly to the marijuana powder on the pan according to how much the brownie recipe askes for.
  4. Turn the burner on low until it starts to simmer. Then turn it down lower and then to the lowest setting. Leave this on for 2-6 hours. This would depend on how much time you have and stir the marijuana in the oil every 30 minutes with a wooden spoon.
  5. When this is done, pour the oil mixture into a filter to strain the excess marijuana.
  6. Use this oil to make your brownies and follow the brownie recipe that has been set.


Another method is the butter method. There is not much difference between these two methods only that instead of using oil, you use butter to extract the THC from the marijuana and use the butter with the extracted THC to make your brownies. This might be more common for those who do know how to make brownies. Butter is very common in pastry baking and using this instead of oil is also ideal. Since you can use the excess butter for later. You can use it as spread or for your other marijuana edible recipes.

These methods of how to make marijuana brownies are easy to follow. There is not much to prepare and it is easy to do. You and your friends will surely enjoy this unique and delicious treat. Have this for snacks or desert after a meal and you can enjoy your favorite weed through eating it and not just by smoking it.