Is Durban Poison the Right Marijuana Strain for You?

durbanType: Sativa
Flowering Period: 8-9 weeks
Climate: Indoors/Outdoors
Yield: 350g/m2
Stone: Strong and Long-Lasting
THC Level: 8.6%
Height: 80-230cm
Growing Difficulty: Easy 

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Special Features of Durban Poison

Durban Poison is a cannabis strain that belongs to a Landrace group. It’s characterized by its growing method. The strain can grow outdoors, even in cold climates. Despite being Sativa, the strain can give yields at a short period. Durban Poison gives a distinctive, electrifying buzz, a well-known characteristic of a Sativa plant.

Durban Poison is a mixture of Indica and Sativa plants. It has wide leaves with long internodes.

It has fluffy buds that range from green with white to purple colors. You can easily recognize it because of its look.

It gives light to medium smoke with a musty flavor. It gives a sweet aroma with the kick of anise.

Durban Poison also has a minty, sweet, candy-like taste with the earthy pine and anise undertones, which makes it as one of the most wanted strains of the smokers. The strain is popular for many years now, and it will surely become more popular in the coming years.

Despite the THC content, this strain is so strong. People who smoke this weed will feel joyful, but relaxed and tranquil in a long run.

Smokers will feel a euphoric effect after smoking it, but the effect will last for two to three hours, depending on how much they consumed. It is a smoke-a-go strain type as it doesn’t make the users feel groggy, despite its long-lasting effect.

The strain got the third place at the High Time Medical Cannabis Cup due to its clean, cerebral buzz.

The strain helps fight anxiety and stress. It also treats depression, loss of appetite, attention deficit, and fatigue.

Growing Durban Poison Tips

You can plant this strain in an indoor or outdoor setting. But if you want to get good yields and larger resins, then you should plant the seeds outdoors. Though it is easy to grow, novice and amateur farmers should not try growing this strain as it needs an utmost care.

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