Granddaddy Purple Strain Review and Growing Tips

Granddaddy-PurpleSpecification of Grand Daddy Purple

Type: Indica
Flowering Period: 60 to 70 Days
Climate: Indoors or Outdoors
Yield: 450-600g/m²
Stone: Long-lasting, strong body effect
THC Level: 18%
Height: Medium
Grow Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

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Special Features of Grand Daddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple marijuana strain has a mild scent such that of a pine and a bit of floral smell when broken, but naturally it has a mild blossom scent.

It is hairy and has fuzzy crystal features. Its resins have multiple colours when dry.

It has a taste of pine and its flower blossoms have “Blue Taste”.

It has a distinct smell of berry marshmallow which separates it from other cannabis strains.

It gives an ecstatic feeling and induce energy but with red and sleepy eyes.

Its buds can turn from dark green into royal purple as they mature.

Its effect promotes energy which is good for people who have to stay up all night and those who have to work all day.

Medically, it is being recommended for those who are suffering from cancer and those that need to undergo chemotherapy.

Growing Grand Daddy Purple Tips

Grand Daddy Purple is easy to grow and you can plant it indoors or outside provided the area is away from the prying eyes of your neighbors. Give your weed plenty of water to sustain it and keep it at a cool temperature that won’t go beyond 80F.

Its flowering period is about 8 to 9 weeks and can survive in a cool temperature which ranges from 70-80F. It must be watered adequately. This cannabis can be prone to mites due to its resins and the bushy structure.

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