Green Crack Marijuana Strain – Is it Worth your Time?

Green-CrackSpecification of Green Crack

Type:  Mostly Sativa
Flowering Period:  7 to 9 weeks
Climate:   Indoors or Outdoors
Yield: Moderate to High
Stone: Sativa high
THC Level: 15 to 30%
Height:  Tall
Grow Difficulty:  Easy

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Special Features of Green Crack

It is extremely popular in Southern California.

It will give you a high level of energy and that kind of buzz that keeps you going through your mental activities throughout the day.

It has been speculated that it came from an Afghani strain or is closely related to Skunk #1, a hybrid strain of cannabis.

It is also suggested to be taken by people in the field of the arts because of the creative juices that it extracts from your mind.

It is known to cure the following conditions: stress, clinical depression, body pain, fatigue, and lack of appetite.

It has three distinct flavors: sweet, citrus, and earthy.

Growing Green Crack Tips

Many people recommend that this strain should be grown outdoors because it needs an excellent air circulation. However, if such is not possible, people could opt to grow it indoors as long as the room is spacious and has an excellent ventilation. It grows best under a weather condition that has a 50% humidity, and temperature somewhere between 70 to 80 degree Fahrenheit or 21 to 27 degree Celsius. Lastly, its preferred medium to be grown is soil; hence, hydroponics may not work for this.

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