Growing Cannabis Indoors- Seeds Versus Clones

Growing your very own cannabis indoors can be very challenging and yet could be very fulfilling. It would be considered as a great accomplishment if you are able to grow your very own cannabis indoors successfully. All you have to do is to instill in yourself the passion, patience and the know how in order to be able to become a connoisseur of cannabis.

Now, if you are a beginner in growing your own indoor cannabis, you must be able to decide which should be the best platform for you to start growing one. Should you prefer seeds or should you prefer clones. This fundamental choice must be clearly settled and answered the very moment you decide to venture growing indoor cannabis. These two methods do have their respective advantages and disadvantages. And it is up to you to choose which of these two methods you would rather prefer. Do you need to nurture your own cannabis plants from the seeds originally or would you rather prefer cloning them? One should know that the mere choice to choose one over the other would mean the success or the failure of growing your marijuana.

Cannabis seeds

Growing Marijuana from Seeds

Growing Marijuana from Seeds

You can find some great seed bank so that you will be rest assured that the one you will be having is of superior quality. Considering that your cannabis will be grown indoors, you will be having more control than ever as you also get to choose which variety of seed that you will be growing indoors. This means that you will not be wasting time and effort on growing a low quality kind of marijuana plant.

Another benefit of growing your own indoor cannabis seeds is that when you grow seeds from seeds initially, it can be very befitting and natural for the marijuana plant. And since marijuana plants are just annual plants, it will only be in its natural habitat for it to be grown from seeds even though they will be grown indoors.

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Cannabis Clones

growing marijuana from clones

growing marijuana from clones

What is good about clones is that it can be replanted and raised in order to produce better buds. One should know that it is always better to raise cannabis plant from clones especially if you are a beginner because it would be very much difficult to raise one from actual seeds and considering it is in an indoor setting.

The benefit of this is that once you are able to find a perfect cannabis strain and you clone from such plant, you would be rest assured that your cloned plant will exactly replicate the features and qualities of the mother plant.

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