Growing Marijuana in An Apartment

marijuana_in_DIY_space_bucketA lot of marijuana growers face a lot of problems when starting up their grow garden especially those who are growing in a place that are not their own. Many young adults go their separate ways as their parents and have their own place to live such as an apartment. Even adults do this, and sometimes people decide to do things like growing marijuana in an apartment. But not everyone is open to this kind of business. So there are things that you should consider when you decide to pursue this.

Is growing marijuana in an apartment legal?

It actually depends on the country laws and the apartment owner if they would allow any of their tenants to grow marijuana in their apartment. Marijuana growing in an apartment is actually not advisable because it is a public home to many people. It is very hard to keep your marijuana cultivation a secret in an apartment. This is a big problem unless you could get any kind of factors of getting caught under control. So it is important that you keep your cultivated marijuana plants safe and well-hidden from the prying eyes of your neighbors and landlord.

How to grow marijuana stealthily?

  • Marijuana could expel some distinct smell so you may need to be able to conceal and make sure that the smell won’t reach your next door neighbor. They usually smell during growth especially when it reaches the flowering stage. To mitigate this, use carbon filters or odor neutralizers to avoid the spread of the smell of your marijuana plants. Just a caution when you use neutralizers, don’t use them in your growing room. Use it outside of the growing room so that the smell of the neutralizer does not contaminate your marijuana.
  • Security. Have a lock on your door to your growing room and make sure that you are the only one who has the keys to it. Keep it locked especially if you have visitors around. Also, keep your keys in a safe place where only you can find it.
  • Sound. Since stealth growing of marijuana can be effectively done indoors, you will need some equipment to provide the ideal growing environment and the nutrients that your marijuana plants need to grow. Some equipment can make so much noise that it can easily be heard even from your neighbors. Look up some reviews and make sure that the equipment that you have does not make too much noise when working.
  • Electricity. Make sure that you keep your equipment away from anything that can destroy or short circuit it. Always clean your grow room from water and don’t overload circuits.
  • The location of where you are going to grow your marijuana is a major factor. This is especially crucial when you are planning to grow your marijuana outdoors where anybody can easily peek into your garden. Find a place in your house that you think can be used as growing room or make a concealed yet not suspicious space in your backyard to have your marijuana plantation. You can choose from the following choices:
    • Usually people store unused things in the attic and also it can be used as an extra bedroom. Attics could be an ideal place to grow your marijuana because it is close to the roof so you will have more light. But most attics could be difficult to access and has only a limited space. It may also be difficult to control the temperature especially during summer and winter.
    • Not all houses have basements but if you do, you would want to grow your marijuana in your basement. It may be hard to have natural light supply to the basement so you might need some lamps for it but you are sure that no light will leak out. Also, the temperature is easy to maintain in the basement. If you are growing marijuana in an apartment, you can’t really find these in there. That is why it is more advisable to grow in a rented house rather than in an apartment.