Growing Weed Indoors- Choosing a Strain

marijuanaOne of the biggest advantages of growing marijuana indoors is that, you can cultivate weed throughout the whole year unlike outdoor growing in which the plants depend on the season for flowering. Also, you have the full control of the growing environment, resulting to a better yield.

How to grow marijuana indoors- Important things

indoorLighting, medium, exhaust system (optional), water supply, air circulation and security are among the things needed to be considered when growing pot indoors. Knowing how to cultivate pot indoors will entail more preparation and a bit of research.  Expertise is not necessary to be successful in indoor cultivation but experience in marijuana growing is a big advantage. Browsing through the internet, you will find hundreds of different marijuana strains.

First, you have to ask yourself if you are growing marijuana for personal use or for commercial purposes. Your grow room set up should also be based on your budget and needs. Once you have identified how much money you are willing to spend and the reason for growing pot, you can already decide which space indoors you should pick up. In growing pot indoors, you have several options on where you want to grow the plants- in an old fridge, cabinet, grow boxes, grow tent, in the corner of an attic or basement. Next step is the seed selection. There is a large selection of pot seeds you can choose from- indica, sativa and ruderalis.

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Strain Selection- What to look for

strainGrowing marijuana indoors seems to be more popular in many countries and among several growers because of discreteness, privacy and environment control that can result to high yield. Since the plants can be induced to flower without any regard to the growing season, it means that you can grow marijuana the whole year round. Choosing the right strain to grow indoors may not be easy for some because of the hundreds of different cannabis varieties available. Get the kind of seeds with good genetics as this is a big factor on how much yield you can possibly get. Be familiar with the different indoor marijuana strains and look for the following traits:

  • can grow from small to medium height since indoor grow space is limited unlike outdoor growing
  • forgiving to some growers’ mistakes which is good for new growers
  • stays short but can produce dense buds

There is actually no limit to what pot strain you can grow if you have bigger space indoors. However, most growers prefer 100% or mostly indica strains because of their ability to maintain a short height. Autoflowering marijuana strains are also a good choice for indoor growing because aside from being forgiving to some growers’ mistakes, autos tend to grow smaller. Please note that some strains may give off a strong aroma especially during flowering.

Since you are growing in an indoor space, getting a good odor control system may be necessary. Even though most marijuana strains can be grown both indoors and outdoors, remember that there are also cannabis varieties that are much better grown indoors than outdoors because of their genetics.

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