How Long Does Marijuana Stay In Your Saliva

WOS-afghan-kush-ryder-feminised-autofloweringThe most common way of administering marijuana is through smoking. And when you smoke, you put that roll of marijuana into your mouth and inhale the smoke through there. Naturally, marijuana has contaminated your mouth including your saliva. Urine tests are not the only drug testing methods done on people but also blood and saliva testing. Many marijuana users really find it troubling when testing will be done on them because they might result as positive. This will happen if you don’t know how long does marijuana stay in your saliva. If you know that period of time at which you are not safe to take the test, you will be able to avoid it or count the number of hours or days at which you should not take marijuana in order for you to be safe from being caught to have been using marijuana.

Why do drug testing?

Drug testing is very common especially in applying for a job. Some companies even make this mandatory that they would have an annual or even monthly check-ups in order to determine the conditions of their employees and this includes drug testing. If you don’t want to be caught, you just need to keep in mind that there is a certain period of time that marijuana stays in your body. If you know this, then you can prevent yourself from being caught.

So, how long does marijuana stay in your saliva?

Experts say that marijuana can be detected in your saliva immediately, about an hour, after smoking and can still be detected after 12-24 hours after use. Some experts say that with a single use, marijuana can be detected in the saliva 1-10 days after use. But if you are a regular smoker, marijuana is detectable in your saliva for 6 weeks. This is a very long period of time.

How to Pass a Saliva Drug Test

This question is pretty simple and it also has pretty simple answers.

  • Don’t use marijuana 48 hours before a saliva test. For one-time use, marijuana is detectable in your saliva 12-24 hours after use. If you abstain from using 48 hours before a test, then you are safe.
  • Drink lots of water. This can help eliminate marijuana in your body as well as in your saliva.
  • Before going to have your saliva test, brush your teeth. Cleaning your mouth is one way of getting rid of the marijuana that stayed in your mouth.
  • A regular mouthwash may not be enough. But there are detox products that can help you clean up your mouth before you take your test. Many detox products are formulated such that it is focused on detoxing marijuana from the mouth.

One other fact:

Marijuana can still be detected in your saliva 72 hours after taking it. This is because it would depend on who or where the test is being conducted. There are laboratories with a high detection level that can effectively detect marijuana even in the slightest amount. So this changes how long does marijuana stay in your saliva. If you really want to pass your test, it is advisable that you stop taking marijuana a long time before taking the test.