How To Buy Marijuana Seeds Online


Marijuana seeds are not freely accessible in all countries that is why many marijuana enthusiasts and growers would purchase their marijuana seeds online. Online buying has always been seen to have safety issues not just for marijuana seeds but also for other merchandises as well. So how could you be sure that you are buying marijuana seeds safely online? Here are some tips that will help guide you on how to buy marijuana seeds online.

Tips on how to buy marijuana seeds online

  1. Keep it a secret – Better keep your business a secret if you want it to stay safe. This does not only mean you stay anonymous when buying online but also with the people around you. It is best not to tell anyone your marijuana business. Just keep it to yourself and it will be easier for you to operate that way.
  2. Buy from trusted marijuana seed online sellers – Not all online seedbanks are reliable enough to safely send to you your marijuana seeds. Although there are many of them in the internet but only a few are notably recommended by those who have already tried buying marijuana seeds online. Choose a marijuana seed seller that has a record of a successful shipping of their merchandise. In this way, you are assured that they know how to go around with the customs and shipping issues. Make sure that the online seedbank is able to ship your marijuana seeds discretely that even your mailman does not know what is inside the box.
  3. Payment Method – Paying through credit card is the most common payment method used by many online stores. If you pay through your credit card, it will not be recorded as that you purchased marijuana seeds. Though some online seedbanks deletes your transaction right away so that it will not be traced, you might still feel uneasy and scared about doing so. You may instead pay with a pre-paid visa card or bitcoin to purchase your marijuana seeds online.
  4. Use a personal email address when buying marijuana seeds – Do not use a business email to make your transactions. This is usually not safe because it won’t be that discrete and there is a possibly for a third party to know about the transaction. Use your personal email address so that you are the only one who has access to your transaction information.
  5. Don’t ship your marijuana seeds in bulk – One thing that you should know about how to buy marijuana seeds If you are ordering a lot of marijuana seeds, instruct the seller to divide the shipment in to different smaller packages so that it will be more discrete. Also, it will be much safer this way so that your marijuana seeds won’t get lost altogether. A bigger package attracts more attention and brews curiosity compared to smaller packages.