How to Grow Marijuana Indoors from Seeds

Marijuana SeedsGrowing marijuana indoors starting from clones will allow you of having an early harvest of buds but there are also many growers who prefer to start growing from pot seeds for better and stronger root system. Compared to marijuana cuttings which only have a 50% success rate, pot seeds have a high germination rate of at least 85% to almost 100%  for high quality seeds. You can grow cannabis plants either from seeds or from clones, depending on your preference. If you want early harvest, then skip the germination process and start growing from clones but if you want to have a wider range of pot strains available and you do not want to experience any genetic drift, grow marijuana from seeds.

Selecting Your Strains

In selecting the best pot seeds, identify what type of strain and marijuana high you want. Your choice of strain will depend if you are growing cannabis indoors for medical reasons or for recreational purposes. As you select the strain, consider your climate and the indoor space available.

Weather is not so much of a concern when you cultivate pot inside because growing environment can be made ideal to grow happy, healthy and fast growing weed plants. Growing factors such as temperature, ventilation, light and water can be controlled inside. Select a strain that can fit an indoor environment. There are many pot strains available to choose from. There are indicas, auto-flowering, hybrid types and sativa varieties. Indicas are known for their small stature, so they fit more indoors.

Buying Marijuana Seeds Online

Buying cannabis seeds online have benefits and risks. There is a wide selection of different pot seeds online from headshops and seedbanks. The internet also brings loads of websites that can help you decide where to buy weed seeds. There are regular and feminized seeds of indica, sativa and hybrid varieties. Buying marijuana seeds online and the delivery of the package containing your order can also be done in discreet. Quality pot seeds with good genetics and high quality germination rate can also be obtained online because seed banks are knowledgeable on the aspect of properly storing the seeds without losing quality.

Buying online will also give you another pack of pot seeds since most seed shops are giving away extra free seeds for every completed purchase.To avoid the risks of buying online and for you not to fall in the hands of unscrupulous people, make your purchase only from a reliable seed bank or marijuana shop.

How to Germinate Cannabis Seeds

The germination process is necessary except when your grow marijuana from clones. There are 3 main ways to germinate pot seeds. First is germinating seeds directly in soil. This is one of the most common methods of successfully germinating weed seeds. Fill the small pots with soil bought from a garden shop. Create small holes in the soil and put seed in each hole with pointed end up.

Germinate cannabis seeds using paper towels moistened with water. Place the moistened paper towels on the plate. Cover the seeds with another sheet of wet paper towel and a plate. Place the pot seeds in a dark and warm place. Take note that success in growing weed indoors starts from seed germination because high rate of germination will give you bigger yield during harvest.