How to Grow Weed Outdoors

Several marijuana smokers said that smoking buds produced from an outside grow give the sweetest and most potent high because of allowing the cannabis plants to grow in a natural environment where sunlight is also abundant. With outdoor growing, there is no worrying about light leak problems and costly electricity bills. However, it also presents some challenges and requires some sort of preparation to grow healthy and happy cannabis plants.

Finding a Good Spot

The first thing you need to work on when you decide to cultivate marijuana outdoors is to find a good spot. Choose a location that you can access but hidden from passersby. Do not select a site that can easily be discovered by other people and do not leave trails. Once you have ensured that your location is safe from other people and hungry animals, it is now time to consider and pay attention to these three big factors:

Sunlight- Find a spot where the marijuana plants can receive as much sunlight needed. Cannabis loves the sun and it is best if they can receive at least 3 to 5 hours of direct sunlight each day. Remember that morning light is better than the light during the afternoon for maximum growth of cannabis plants.

Soil –Choose a location where there is good soil. A good soil is one that has good draining properties, neutral pH (about 6.5) and is not too loose and not too compact. As you decide to cultivate weed outdoors, look for a good site at least a month before the growing operation so you can do what needs to be prepared. If the pH of the soil is too low, you can add sodium bicarbonate and add lime if the soil pH is too high.

Water–It is much better if you can find a site where there is a source of fresh water nearby. If you can’t find one, you have to prepare buckets and fill them with water that you can use during days with no rainfall. Bury them partially to avoid suspicions.

Seed Selection

There are over a hundred of different marijuana varieties suited for outdoor growing that you can choose from but during the seed selection, consider factors such as weather, frost and climate. Choose to grow a kind of strain that can withstand the pressures of growing outside and consider the abovementioned factors to avoid the risks of losing your money and time spent.

Crucial Outdoor Problems

Outdoor marijuana growing is cheaper than cultivating indoors but in growing weed outdoors, you may be exposing your plants to more risks than indoor growing. Not only growers may experience deficiency in nutrients but also pest infestation. Bugs, spider mites, white flies, other pests and even hungry animals may feed on your cannabis plants. Other crucial problems that a grower may encounter outside are: frost, busts pollen sacks, heavy rains, poor soil drainage, heavy wind, mold growth, drought and people (thieves and authorities). These could be some of the reasons why indoor growing is better than outdoor marijuana gardening.