How to Grow Weed – Cultivating Auto Flowering Marijuana Seeds

There are a lot of weed growers who are also at the same time smokers, who would much prefer the method of auto flowering cannabis seeds growing rather than the regulars. This has actually been the most common set up for most growers and smokers and they have been quite content with their cannabis seeds which are being grown and harvested.

This is much different as compared to the traditional or the conventional method on how to grow weed in such a manner that it no longer needs modifications and changes in the light cycle which is quite crucial when growing cannabis seeds. Thus, this has been considered to be one of the most popular when it comes to quick weed growing. Moreover, it is also ideal for people who don’t have enough grow space.

What is the proper auto flowering method?

growing autoflowering marijuanaFirst off, you need to get some autoflowering marijuana seeds before you can grow an auto flowering cannabis plant.

All it basically takes here is a sufficient amount of light when growing marijuana. As per recommendation, the suitable amount should be at 18 hours of light on a daily basis and it is being required from the beginning up to the end of the said cycle. While doing so, it is also best to not plant your auto flowering marijuana seeds all at the same time. A staggered basis is recommended here.

The manner of how to grow weed through auto flowering is to instantly plant new cannabis seeds once flowering time has come or these buds have already been harvested. The reason for this is to have a more continuous production of cannabis harvest.

Role of fertilizers on auto flowering cannabis plants

It would only take a couple of weeks in its growth that these auto flowering seeds will require some sort of nutrients for them to be continually nourished. Thus, when growing marijuana, fertilizers which help in stimulating the growth and health condition of the roots will help in the dramatic growth of the cannabis plant. A vegetative fertilizer will do for a period of two weeks and it would also require a period of 4 weeks for bloom fertilizer.

While it is true that light is the key crucial element here, how to grow weed without some help of fertilizers will provide the least positive effect. In fact, it might not be able to grow as healthier as expected. Thus, fertilizers is also important so as to ensure that auto flowering marijuana plants may be able to grow in its perfect state and condition.

How High is High With Autoflowering Marijuana?

Newbies or even those who fancy the idea of smoking weed would ask what it’s like to be high in marijuana. In an auto flowering marijuana strain, the effect of the said high would be amazing. The taste and the kick provided by auto flowering cannabis strains have a very wonderful effect on the body. In fact, the Lowryder is known to have a better kick and high when smoked.

Try the Ganja Dwarf or the Lowryder

This is only one of the many auto flowering marijuana seeds which will instantly finish its flowering period in less than 8 weeks only from the time of its germination.