How to Grow Weed: Identifying Female and Male Weed Plants

Marijuana sexing is the process of determining the sex of the weed plants. In this process, the male and female marijuana plants are already distinguished. Male cannabis plants are known for their low THC content and potency. The importance of identifying them as early as possible is very crucial for growers who do not intend to grow cannabis plants for breeding purposes. If you are after the potency of the buds, identify the male marijuana plants and pull them out from the garden as soon as detected.

Identifying the sex of the weed plants during the vegetative period is hard. Sex is best identified during the first two weeks of the flowering stage. Segregate the males from females very carefully to prevent falling of pollens on the females that can result to pollination.

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Identifying Female Marijuana

Under an artificially controlled photo-period or under the natural light, female cannabis plants will begin to flower later compared to the males. The length of flowering will also depend on the kind of strain and the growing conditions. Generally, female marijuana plants do not grow very tall during the flowering period. Compared to males, female plants are easier to identify. They produce colorless, small hair-like structures called pistils which will stick out to catch the pollens released by males. When the female is pollinated by a male, the pistils will eventually change their color.

The two upraised stigmas which are usually 1 quarter to ½ inch long are the most evident parts of the flowers produced by the female. The flowers will normally rise in pairs and these pairs will form compact clusters of 10 or more individual flowers called “buds” which may be combined with smaller leaves.

The appearance of pistils is a clear identification that you are growing female marijuana plants but still, you should keep an eye on your plants because there may be a chance that some of them can turn to hermaphrodites (having both male and female characteristics) because of various stress factors.  Light interruptions during the dark cycle, overfertilization, overwatering and poor ventilation are just some of the causes why some weed plants can have the same sexes.

Identifying Male Marijuana

Male marijuana plants can be determined through the production of ball-like structures. The ball-like formations are usually located at the nodes of the male cannabis. Appearance of one ball does not suggest that the plant is male. Two or three balls forming in clusters will verify that you have a male marijuana plant. As soon as male weed plants are identified in the garden, pull them out to give them no chance to pollinate the females. For many growers who are after the potency and quality of the buds, male plants are useless and should be taken away from the garden to prevent them from releasing pollens.

How to Create Feminized Marijuana Seeds

Are you wondering how feminized pot seeds were created? Feminized marijuana seeds can result to growing 99.9% female plants under optimum growing conditions. In growing feminized seeds, you do not need to throw away male cannabis plants out from the garden because you will be having an all-female cannabis that produces buds. Making feminized marijuana seeds is not that hard.  You can even do it yourself and at home using a certain technique.

Start by getting two female pot plants because with 2 female parents, the seeds that will be produced are guaranteed to be females too. In creating female seeds, you need a colloidal silver. This substance is available at various online stores and in your local health stores. If you will buy a ready to use colloidal silver, look for a solution having at least 30 parts per million of silver. If you have the resources, you can even make your own colloidal silver at home. Another option is to purchase a colloidal silver generator kit. The kit comes with everything you need to make the solution. The silver is also included in the kit and all you need to do is provide the container and water. This is an inexpensive option because you can make your own supply of colloidal silver.

The colloidal silver will act as an ethylene inhibitor on the marijuana plant that will force the plant to produce male pollen sacs instead of female flowers. The pollens that are produced in these male pollen sacs are used to pollinate the females and since the buds and the pollens are from both female parents, the result will be feminized marijuana seeds.

Steps in creating female weed seeds:

Step 1– Collect pollens from a female plant and this can be started by switching the light schedule to 12/12 light and dark cycles to induce the female plant to flower. Using the colloidal silver solution, mist the parts of the female weed plant where you want it to produce male pollen sacs. Do the misting everyday until the female plant starts to produce sacs full of pollens. It takes 10 to 14 days before male balls of pollen are produced.

Step 2– Let the pollen sacs swell and you will know when they are ready if the leaf section that protects the pollen will begin to crack.

Step 3– Carefully remove the male pollen sacs from the plant. Store the pollen sacs in a dry and cool place. Let them dry for a week or so.

Step 4– Place the pollen sacs in small-sized Ziploc bag and shake it a little to let the pollens come out from sac. If it won’t work, you can cut the sacs to get the pollens.

Step 5– Use the feminized pollens to pollinate another female plant. Buds that will come in contact with the pollens will start producing the seeds. Normally, the feminized pot seeds will fully develop in about 6 weeks. The feminized seeds produced can be used right away or after several years. Just make sure to store the seeds in a cool and dry place to retain their quality for high germination rate.

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