How to Grow Weed: Knowing the Required Temperature, Water and CO2

Weed indoor growing offers several advantages. Better yield and early harvest of buds are among the top benefits that growers can have when growing indoors. By cultivating weed in an indoor garden, the growing environment can be controlled according to the conditions needed to grow healthy and fast-growing weed plants. Just follow the ideal temperature, water supply and level of carbon dioxide in order to grow nice and happy marijuana plants.

how to grow weed

Temperature in the Grow Room

The ideal temperature for the marijuana plants to grow much better is from 21.1 to 28.3 degrees Celsius although the plants can tolerate a temperature of 17 to 33 degrees Celsius. Temperature is a variable factor and there are some circumstances that can cause the temperature to go higher. At high temperature levels, it is said that cannabis plants tend to absorb more light and can grow very fast during the vegetative period. However, it is not clear if changes in temperature will reduce the potency of the buds, so it is a good idea to reduce the level of temperature as the weed plants enter into their flowering stage. For all growth stages, you can stick with a temperature around 22.2 to 25 degrees Celsius.

Water Supply

Always check on the quality of the water you are going to supply to your cannabis plants. Tap water (also known as hard water because of mineral and salt content) is commonly used for watering the plants but to make sure no content of chlorine and other chemicals will be absorbed by the plants, let the water sit in the container for about 24 hours before using it. If you are using tap water, adjust the pH level and make sure that the amount of salt will not go above 325 ppm.

For growing pot indoors in a hydroponic set-up, a large quantity of water may be necessary. Do not just simply use the hose to fill the reservoir with water because some water may be too acidic or too alkaline. In another reservoir, let the water stand for two to three days so pH can be neutralized.

Maintenance of Carbon Dioxide Level

Air circulation and proper ventilation are necessary for an indoor garden to provide oxygen and carbon dioxide to the marijuana plants. Oscillating fans are needed so the indoor grow room will have a proper air circulation. This is very important especially during the blooming period to avoid molds on the densely-packed buds. The gentle breeze coming from the fan will also help in promoting stronger and woody stems because without it, the stems may be weakened.

Carbon dioxide generator is equipment designed to produce CO2 and using this is another way of supplying carbon dioxide the weed plants. It works by burning natural gas and is said to be more convenient to use though it is costly in price. Even with a high price, CO2 generators are also widely used because they can help growers obtain high yield and they do not need to be replaced more often because they are long-lasting.

For an automatic control and maintenance of carbon dioxide level in an indoor hydroponic growing, carbon dioxide monitors and controllers can also be used.