Hydroponic Marijuana Growing- Advantages and Disadvantages

hydroponicgrowsystemPart of knowing the basics and advanced methods of how to grow marijuana indoors, know the advantages and disadvantages of growing weed in soil and make a decision. Soil tends to be the most common choice of many marijuana growers, especially those who are just starting out. With the greater likelihood of the plants being affected with soil-borne diseases, many opt to grow cannabis in a soilless medium. Growing marijuana without the use of soil is referred to as “hydroponic marijuana growing.” Hydroponics means growing in a soil-free medium. In hydroponic growing, the plants are cultivated in a hydroponic nutrient solution or oxygenated and nutrient enriched water. There are different types of hydroponic systems. These hydro set-ups work differently and are using different substrates but they almost have the same advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of Growing Cannabis in Hydroponics

  • it will give a kind of growing condition that is clean
  • it does not require a huge space indoors. It will allow growing several number of marijuana plants even in a small area
  • it offers a faster growing time, which then results to early harvest of the buds
  • gives higher yield in a lesser growing time
  • nutrients are introduced directly to the marijuana plants’ roots
  • greater control on what the plants consume, uptake of nutrients is faster
  • less chances of the plants being stricken with pests and other soil-borne diseases
  • it is hygienic with no build up of nutrients such as in an active hydroponic marijuana systems like ebb and flow, deep water culture (DWC), aeroponics, nutrient film technique (NFT) and top feed or drip feed

Disadvantages of Growing Cannabis in Hydroponics

  • expensive during the initial set up and requires more experience
  • it is not good for new growers because the set up is quite complicated compared to soil growing. Aside from the difficulty in setting up, there is also less room for mistakes
  • increase in monthly electricity cost because the system is automated
  • regular maintenance is necessary to prevent building up of salts and slime
  • requires the use of more nutrients such as in a passive hydroponic marijuana system
  • sensitivity to pH
  • requires an additional cost for equipments used
  • only have a little or no buffer at all if mistakes occur
  • it needs a constant supply of electricity
  • difficult for organic marijuana cultivation because there are no beneficial microorganisms that will break down organic compounds to absorbable substances

In general, hydroponic pot growing is much faster than growing in soil. Hydroponic cannabis growing guides and tips found in different websites and marijuana ebooks will help you how to grow pot in hydroponics to get the amount of yield and quality of buds that you desire to achieve. Also, have the basic understanding on how to grow cannabis with the use of water soluble fertilizers. Since the nutrients and water are delivered directly to the roots of the plants, growing healthy marijuana plants that produce great harvest is very possible.