Indoor Weed Growing Tips

Meta Description: Growing marijuana indoors is not an easy task. Read this article to know more about it.

WOS-afghan-kush-ryder-feminised-autofloweringGrowing marijuana outdoors is more convenient in terms of keeping the growing environment. They are somehow at their natural environment when the marijuana plant is grown outdoors. When it is grown indoors, there is much more that you need to consider. That is why there is more to learn when you decide to grow indoors than outdoors. Here are some indoor weed growing tipsthat you can follow to help guide you with your grow.

Indoor Growing Tips for Marijuana Growers

  • Where to grow your marijuana plants indoors?

This is the first thing that you have to think about when you are thinking to start an indoor grow. There are options that you can choose from. You can have a separate room dedicated for your marijuana plants only. Or you can designate a space in your house where you can put a grow tent where your marijuana plants can grow. Either way, there are still things that you need to consider for instance the odor. Make sure that the odor is contained because this might give you away. Using a grow tent might be a bit noticeable. But if you put it in a place in your home that is not frequently accessible by other people, then it will be safe there. Most people who grow indoors would prefer to have a room. Or use the attic or the garage if you may. Just a room that is not frequently use by you. Make use of it by growing your marijuana plants in it. This might be more convenient because it will be bigger and easier to maintain. But if you are moving from place to place, a grow tent can come in handy because it can be folded and kept.

  • What do you need to grow marijuana indoors?

Since there are limitation when you are growing indoors compared to outdoors, you must simulate the natural growing environment of the marijuana plants that will closely resemble to that outdoors. This is the hard part about growing marijuana indoors. The equipment used to supply the light source, air ventilation and circulation and odor control. You need to have a thick wallet to purchase all of these things. But don’t worry, the return will be rewarding after you have obtained your buds. So what are the stuff that you need:

  • Lights – LED, HID, fluorescent
  • Odor control – carbon filter, ionizers, exhaust filters
  • Temperature control – thermometer, air conditioning or fan
  • Ventilation and air circulation – exhaust fan

There are other varieties of these equipment that you can choose from. They are important to keep the grow environment in your grow room or tent desirable for the marijuana plants to grow.

  • Other Indoor Weed Growing Tips

These are not limited to indoor growing but these indoor weed growing tips are as important as the ones mentioned:

  • Do not put too much water on the plants.
  • Do not use too much fertilizer.
  • Know the basics of marijuana growing.
  • Keep your marijuana plants a secret.