Is it Illegal to Buy Marijuana Seeds Online?

is it legal to buy marijuana seeds online

Yes and No!

If you are in a country where growing marijuana is legal then it is legal and if you are in a country where growing marijuana is illegal then it is illegal.

However, there is only one thing which is for sure – the countries where you are buying marijuana seeds from have legal laws about growing marijuana that’s why they can sell their marijuana seeds on the internet. Besides, there is no country that owns the internet therefore the internet is a safe place to order marijuana seeds from.

However, these online marijuana seed banks offer discrete shipping to their customers in a country where marijuana growing is not permitted nor buying marijuana seeds is illegal. They put their marijuana seeds inside CD’s, gifts or whichever way to make sure that you will receive your marijuana seeds discretely. They are very much experts in doing such thus you won’t have to worry about getting busted by authorities because of this. However, you are warned that this is still not safe.

If you go to a reputable marijuana seed bank like Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds which is a marijuana seed bank which sells cheap yet high quality marijuana seeds in Netherlands, you will see that they have a reminder to their customers about the legality of buying marijuana seeds from them. They recommend you to check your local laws before buying marijuana seeds on the internet.

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