Jack Herer Marijuana Strain – What you Need to Know


Type: Mostly Sativa
Flowering Period: 70 days
Climate: Indoor
Yield: 350-450g/m2
Stone: Cerebral Buzz
THC Level: 15-20%
Height: 75-150cm
Growing Difficulty: Easy

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Special Features of Jack Herer

Jack Herer has THC content between 15 to 20%. The content shows how active the ingredients are.

Its approximate pedigree percentage is 50% Haze, 37.5% Northern Lights, and 12.5% Skunk, making it a Sativa-dominant plant.

The Jack Herer strain is not as tall as the other Sativa-dominant plants, which makes it perfect for discreet cannabis growers.

The strain gives a flowery, sweet and spicy flavor with the kick of fermented fruit and peppery taste where the incense lingers on the palette.

The strain can give a cerebral high instantly on the first inhalation. But it can cause a minor energetic effect without triggering anxiety or paranoia.

The energetic feeling turns into euphoria and gives a relaxing feeling throughout the body. In other words, Jack Herer gives a positive vibe and behavior to the smokers.

The effect of Jack Herer strain normally last for one to four hours, depending on the amount he/she consumed.

The strain offers medicinal benefits. People who suffer from migraine, depression, and constipation take this strain to ease their pain. You can also use it as an IBS and ocular relief.

Jack Herer improves both emotional and physical aspects as it lowers the anxiety level felt by the patient. The strain is ideal for the patients who have bipolar and attention deficit disorders.


Jack Herer is best for indoor planting. But regardless of the climate, you still need to give the essentials that it needs. You need to give it proper ventilation and continual hydration so it can give you an abundant yield. Despite needing low maintenance, you still need to give it utmost care to give good results.

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