LA Confidential Marijuana Strain Review

LA-ConfidentialType : Indica
Flowering Period :  7 to 8 weeks
Climate  :  Indoor and Outdoor
Yield :  300 to 500 g/m2
Stone :  Body stone
THC Level :  16 – 20%
Height :  Medium – Tall
Grow Difficulty :  Easy to Moderate

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Special Features of LA Confidential Strain

La Confidential is a kind of strain that originated in California. It had won prizes in 2005 High Times Cannabis Cup giving you the idea that this is strain is of a high quality. You can grow it indoor and outdoor however; it is best that you allow it to grow in indoor environment and get satisfied with the yield. It has a gourmet flavor and contains higher amount of THC.

La Confidential is the combination of Afghan Indica and OG LA Affie that was developed in California. It has a sweet and fresh scent that affects its taste.

La Confidential can be grown indoor and outdoor however if you wanted to reach its maximum growth then you better grown it indoor.

La Confidential has large and dense buds that are in dark green color and becomes darker as it matures.

Users of La Confidential experience body buzz and with couch-lock effects. There are plenty of smokers that enjoy the hits which is why they always have La Confidential on top of their favorite strains. It will also make you feel awake thus providing you energy if you need to stay up late in doing your presentation or projects.

La Confidential has a lot of advantages to people. It can be use by individuals who are suffering from sleeping disorders. This can help them fall asleep. It can also help people deal with appetite problems. And if you are often stressed after work then La Confidential is what you need to alleviate your exhaustion.

Growing La Confidential Tips

If you are planning to grow LA Confidential then you have to identify the difference of growing it indoor from growing it outdoor. You will find out that it is best for you to grow it indoor using hydroponic system or soil mediums.

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