Learn to Grow Marijuana Indoors- Things to Consider

growing-marijuana-indoorsHow to grow marijuana is not really very difficult but it is also not as easy as simply filling a pot with garden soil, watering the plants every day and putting them under the sun. For indoor pot growing, the quality of the buds and the amount of harvest will depend on several factors such as: light, nutrients, temperature, air circulation and medium used. In some places, indoor growing is quite common because it lets you grow weed without taking consideration about the growing season and without worrying about the weather affecting the growth cycle.

Designing a Grow Room

growroom_webChoosing the grow space is the next step to take after you have decided to grow marijuana indoors. For the grow space, there are different options available for every grower. Growing cannabis can be done in an attic, basement, cabinet, spare room or in a grow tent if you don’t want the hassle of installing the different equipments. Part of the marijuana grow room set up is to prepare a plan on where you will locate the exhaust vents, light, fans, water supply and odor control system (if deemed necessary). Among the basic needs of marijuana are light and water so you need to choose the best light suitable for the size of the grow room and number of plants you are growing. Also, ensure that the grow space is clean to prevent pests and diseases from affecting your plants.

Strain selection- What to look for

votsmd_selection1If you have a limited space indoors and you are new to pot growing, you may cultivate an autoflowering strain but if space indoors can accommodate large number of plants, you may choose to grow a mostly indica strain or hybrid marijuana. Most of these cannabis types are able to maintain a short stature which is suitable for an indoor grow.

Soil vs. Hydroponics

hydroKnowing how to grow cannabis in soil is easier and cheaper than growing pot in a hydro set-up. However, the latter claims to give several advantages over soil growing. In choosing what type of medium to use, consider your budget, the grow room size and the level of your growing expertise. Hydroponics will allow you to grow marijuana faster and have bigger yield but since this kind of set-up is less forgiving, expertise or experience in weed growing is necessary. It is also costly to set-up and to run, so make sure you have enough budget. Know how to grow weed in both set-up, including their advantages and drawbacks.

Compared to hydroponics, growing in soil is easier and more forgiving, making it more suitable for new growers. Garden soil can be used but you may need to add it with compost and other soil mixes to meet the needs of the plants. Also, you have to check the pH and make sure it is pest and disease-free.

Lighting system

Different_Lighting_Systems_for_Growing_Marijuana_using_BubbleponicsCannabis plants are just like any other plants and they need light in order to grow healthy. In the absence of the sun, you need to supply an artificial light for the plants. Different options are LED grow lights, compact fluorescent lights and HID lights (metal halides and high pressure sodium lamps). Each lighting system has its own advantages and drawbacks. Know what are they and choose the kind of light system based on your budget, grow space and number of plants.