Lemon Haze Strain Review

Lemon-HazeType:   Mostly Sativa
Flowering Period:   8-9 weeks
Climate:  Indoors
Yield:   475 g/m2
Stone:    Sativa high
THC Level:  15-20% with a CBD of 0.38%.
Height:  80-140 centimeters (Indoors)/130-170 centimeters (Outdoors)
Grow Difficulty: Moderate

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Special Features

Lemon haze smell like fresh peeled lemon slices but does have the same taste as well. The buds appear to be green with yellow and amber hair on the trichomes which give it a yellow tint.

This is a Sativa dominant hybrid of the Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze. The strain has real lemony characteristics. It has a characteristic zesty smell, citrusy with a little sweetness in it.

The buds are characterized to be elongated and often large. The color is lime green to yellow which enhances its lemony goodness.

The taste perfectly represents the name, tarty sweet like lemon heads.

Common effect includes increase in energy becoming relatively lively.

Since the strain is sativa dominant, it makes you feel uplifting high, some even consider it to be psychedelic. There is also an increase in the energy level; creativity is also boosts including motivation as well. The user becomes optimistic, euphoric, alert and becomes open in imparting feelings and well-being.

The duration of the effect to the user is roughly 2-3 hours long, and eventually losses to a more relaxed but still has the energy and body high as well. The strain may prevent sleep so it is recommended to only use in daylight.

The high that it creates and the uplifting effect is a great remedy for high levels of stress, or when a patient is suffering from lack of appetite or nausea.

Growing Lemon Haze Tips

Growing lemon haze is not hard, majority of the growers suggest that growers must cut it down between 50-56 days to attain the sweetest and the tastiest cannabinoid profile. The strain is capable of yielding up to 1000 grams if taken cared well. When grown indoors, Lemon Haze is best for hydro or rich in soil. For outdoor growing, this strain can grow well in a sunny but sheltered spot.

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