Mango Kush Strain Review – Is it a Good Marijuana Strain to Grow?

Mango-KushGenetics:   Mostly Indica
Climate:     Indoors/Outdoors
Yield:        Above Average
Height:   4-5ft
Flowering Time:   9-11 weeks
Effect:  Cerebral High
THC Level:    up to 16%
Growing:   Easy

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Mango Kush Special Features

Mango Kush is a strain that is a favorite by many because it gives them the taste of a tropical fruit from which it gets its name. The origin of this strain is still unclear as there are many theories that came out regarding where it came from. However, many suggest that it is an offshoot from Mango and Hindu Kush. This is the widely accepted theory about its origin.

Mango Kush is always on the list of the strains that most cannabis smokers wanted to smoke because of the fruity flavor that it gives. Even with a sweet flavor, the effect that it gives is different. It can give one a cerebral high but many are disappointed because it only lasts for an hour or two which is typically shorter.

In terms of medical application, this is good for helping one recover from depression. It will make you feel ecstatic and let you forget anything that causes you worry even just for a little while. However, this is not recommended to be smoked during day time as it has the tendency to put one to sleep.

As a whole, Mango Kush is indeed a favorite. That is why it is not surprising why many want to grow it in their garden. It is not even difficult to cultivate. For growers, it is important that you grow this strain at areas that can provide proper air circulation. Cutting lower branches can help you increase its circulation. Since it is grown both indoor and outdoor, there is a need for you to be certain that it still gets good light. The soil must also be in a good condition.

Tips on Growing Mango Kush:

If you want to include Mango Kush in your garden, then you have to make sure that you allot enough space to make sure that air can circulate properly. Doing so will help you expect a good yield and at the same time, it can increase more chances that it will grow.

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