Marijuana LED Grow Light System

plantlabLight emitting diode or commonly known as LED is said to be an excellent grow light system for many reasons. The use of LED to grow cannabis is increasingly growing into popularity because of its great efficiency. Many growers claim to have high success in using LED to grow cannabis indoors while others said that it is not as efficient as HID lights. Some say that they have not achieved what they are expecting from the strain grown. How to grow marijuana under LED will also need you to understand other factors such as LED grow light coverage, beam angles, lumens, spectrum and wavelength.

There are several factors to be considered to determine the success of pot growing under LED grow lights. For a given wattage of light, there are grow spaces suitable for it. This will help in ensuring that you will get the highest possible yield expected from the cannabis strain you are growing. The wavelength or spectrum of light that the LED grow lights emit is a big factor in determining how much harvest can be expected.

What are LEDs?

ledgrowlightThe first LED was created in 1927 but no practical use was made for several decades. LEDs (light emitting diode) are semiconductor light sources which are used as indicator lamps in several devices and are now drawing more attention because of their efficiency in growing cannabis plants. With the continuous development of high power LEDs, using it in lighting and illumination became possible. Now, LEDs are not just primarily use as street lights and to grow herbs and tomatoes but also to grow marijuana.

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LED Advantages and Benefits

  • it runs cool so there is no worrying about marijuana plants suffering from heat burn
  • it is very efficient to use and consumes less electricity as compared to other artificial grow lighting though it is quite expensive to buy
  • it will allow you to save money in the long run because of its long life and it does not need a ballast to run. You can just plug it directly into a regular power outlet
  • some types of LED lights do not require you to set up additional equipment to control the heat within the grow room
  • it can provide the right spectrum of light that weed plants need during the vegetative phase and flowering time. The blue spectrum is needed for the vegetative growth and for the budding period, it’s the red spectrum that will help produce potent and high quality buds

How to grow weed under LED lights to obtain high yield of potent buds do not need much expertise, though experience in pot growing is a great advantage. It is quite simple to use since you can easily install this type of light over the plants and because LED lights barely produce any heat.

There are different LED grow lights available for growing cannabis. The Pro-Grow Led light is one of the highest quality and costly types. However, if you cannot afford to spend hundreds of dollars, there are also other less expensive brands and models of LED grow lights which work great for cultivating cannabis plants.

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