Marijuana Sexing

Here is what you need to do about Sexing Marijuana. I provide you with the different techniques.

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Marijuana Sexing Using a Black Paper Bag

Sexing marijuana using a black paper bag is suitable for growers who do not have adequate space for cloning. This is also done by growers who want to identify the sex of the cannabis plants without the need of getting and rooting early cuttings. This process is done to identify the sex of the plants early and to weed out males from the garden before they pollinate the females.

  1. Using a black paper bag or something similar to it and a plastic coated twisted tie, choose a plant that you would liketo sex early and cover the lower branch of the marijuana plant for 12 hours in a day. Do this while the plant is in a constant light vegetative period.
  2. To induce the plant to flower, just remove the black paper bag you use to cover the plant after the 12 hours of darkness and replace after the 12 hours of day period ends.
  3. In one week or two, you should see the sex of the cannabis plant on the tip you covered. If the plant is female, you will see one or double white pistil coming out from an immature calyx while a male marijuana plant will show a small club with a tiny stem underneath.

Please note that sexing marijuana plants using a paper back paper bag may be time-consuming because this process may revert back your plant to its vegetative growth. During the dark cycle, do not allow light to reach the plant because it will not show its sex early at all.

Determine the Sex during the Pre-flowering Stage

Smokers and growers alike mostly look for female cannabis plants that have not been pollinated by males because they are the ones that produce the most potent marijuana buds. Early sexing brings the advantage of identifying the sex of the plants early so you can immediately remove the male plants to prevent pollination. In as early as the pre-flowering stage, it is already possible to tell the sex of the weed plant. You can start determining the sex between the 4th and the 6th week of the vegging period.

  1. To determine the sex of the marijuana plant during pre-flowering, look above the 4th node. The pre-flowers will develop where the leaf stems join the internodes or the main stem. The pre-flowers are very small and can hardly be noticed with the use of the naked eyes. The use of a magnifying glass may be necessary to easily distinguish male flowers from female flowers.
  2. The female pre-flower is pear-shaped with a pair of pistils. However, most of the female pre-flowers do not produce pistils until all the pre-flowers have finally emerged, so do not pull the plant just because you haven’t seen it showing white pistils.
  3. Identifying the sex of the cannabis plant during pre-flowering may not be easy. If you are quite unsure of the sex of the plants during the pre-flowering stage, do not worry because you can surely tell the difference when the marijuana plants are on their second week of flowering.

Identifying the Sex of Marijuana Using a Magnifier

Usually, the marijuana plants will start showing off their sex during the pre-flowering stage but the signs may not be that evident compared when the plants are on their flowering stage. If you do not want pollination to occur and you don’t want to waste any of your time in growing weed plants that do not produce buds to smoke, it is best to identify the sex of the plants as early as possible.

The female marijuana plants are the ones that produce the buds while the males produce the pollens which when in contact with the females during pollination, cause the buds to reduce their potency and quality. This is clearly one of the reasons why many growers want to eliminate the males as soon as they are detected in the garden. There are several methods you can use to identify the sex of the cannabis plants after several weeks of their vegging period.

During the 4th until the 6th week of the vegetative phase, the sex of the plants can be identified by looking at the nodes using a magnifier. You do not have to wait for all the weed plants to bloom to know their sex. Force the plants to flower and check on the calyx as to what kind of pre-flowers are developed. It can be difficult to identify the pre-flowers using your two naked eyes but it can be done easier using a magnifying glass. The female pre-flowers consist of long white hairs called pistils while male pre-flowers are consist of short and rounded structures.

How to Create a Female Cannabis Plant

Most growers are interested in producing more female marijuana plants in the garden. Depending on how the cannabis plants are taken cared off, some pot growers may grow all female plants in the garden while others may produce 50% or more males. Unless you are growing a pack of feminized cannabis seeds, you will not know the sex of the plants until they are on their pre-flowering or full- flowering stages. Given you are growing a pack of regular pot seeds, there are techniques that can help you to create more female cannabis plants in the garden.

  1. Reducing the stress will help create more females. To reduce stress on plants and get a higher ratio of female to male plants, see to it that the soil medium you are using is not too moist or too dry for the plants. Dry soil can result to more males.
  2. Regulate the feeding schedule. Provide your plants just the right type and amount of nutrients including the appropriate ratio of these three basic nutrients- the nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
  3. Keep the humidity level at around 70% to create more females. Humidity level below 60% and above 80% can result to more male weed plants.
  4. Feed your plants with more nitrogen and less of potassium. Also, maximize the light output and make sure your plants are receiving the right spectrum and amount of light during the vegging period and flowering time.

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