How to Grow Maui Waui and Strain Review

pride-of-amsterdamGenetics: Mostly Sativa
Climate:  Mediterranean
Yield: 400 to 500 grams per meter squared
Height: Tall
Flowering Time: 50 to 70 days
Effect: High
THC Level: Low
Growing: Easy

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Special Features

The Maui Waui seeds grow tall and proud. It is one of the most significant marijuana strains from the Hawaiian Islands, and it grows best in a Mediterranean climate. It produces high yield results, and it can also be grown indoors or in pots. When growing Maui Waui seeds in their garden, most people feel like they are taking the top destination of the world with them.

Growing the seeds indoors has never been a challenge. In fact, a lot of people prefer to grow some seeds by themselves instead of purchasing some strains because it gives them more accessibility to the marijuana strains anytime they want.

The flowering time for Maui Waui lasts from fifty to seventy days. Individuals could harvest as much as 400 to 500 grams of Maui Waui strains per meter squared. When harvesting the strains, the buds are described as long and are coated with resin glands. The leaves and strains are stretched, and years of breeding the seeds have made it possible for the strains to capture the true atmosphere of the Valley Island.

The flavour of this cannabis strain can be described as sugary, strong, and citrus-Haze. It also has some flavours of tropical fruits and some herbal scents. With these flavours and scents, this strain is highly popular to many individuals in different countries.

The THC level of this Sativa strain is low. Thus, it creates a more euphoric and pleasant or cerebral effect to individuals. Most people experience feeling happy, uplifted, and energetic after using or smoking Maui Waui strains. While the effects are mostly euphoric or cerebral, these strains are designed and bred so as not to create an overpowering high effect. These strains are great for recreational purposes.

Tips For Growers

It is very easy to grow Maui Waui seeds. When grown indoors, the pots of Maui Waui seeds need to be supplied with nutrient-rich soil and a bright environment. When grown outdoors, it can adapt easily to warm, tropical climates. It spreads high and develops into a full-blown Sativa strain.

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