Nirvana Seed Bank Review – Are they legit?

Nirvana-Seed-Bank-ReviewsNirvana Seeds Shop is one of the many online marijuana seed company to buy some high quality marijuana seeds and other weed merchandise out there. There are Nirvana Seed bank reviews coming from real customers both negative and positive which you can read over the internet but it’s pretty difficult to identify which one is really telling a lie or not.

Our Nirvana Seed Bank review is based on our experience with the company and our hours of dedicated research to get the best information about the company that we can provide to all our readers and those who have been looking for the answer to the question – “Is Nirvana Shop Legit?”.

Let us help you answer that question.

TYPE of COMPANY: Online Seed Bank and Hemp Products Manufacturer
LOCATION: the Netherlands
SHIPPING: Worldwide Stealth Shipping
PAYMENT METHODS: Credit Card, Bankwire, Sofort Banking, Bitcoins.

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While Nirvana was founded officially in 1995, its history can be traced back towards the end of the 1980s. The founder of Nirvana was working in the leading Amsterdam grow shop, Positronics. In that company, he was able to attain the inspiration and knowledge which led him to establishing his own seed bank business.

These days, Nirvana has grown into a business concept with the goal of innovation in mind. It offers original and unique concept of offering carefully created marijuana products. It continues to improve and extend its current list of high quality cannabis seeds, and have also developed some unique hemp products.


At Nirvana seed shop, features are provided for each of the cannabis seed types. As a result, you are given a good idea of the features that you can expect out of a strain. The strains offered by Nirvana are highly impressive and of high quality. There are different types of strains that you can choose from.

They have regular, feminized, and auto flowering strains for indoor, outdoor and medical. There are different strains under each of the categories mentioned. If you are searching for a particular strain for a specific purpose, you can look them up from the categories mentioned above.

 Nirvana Shop Special Package DealsNirvana-Seed-Bank-Package-DealsCUSTOMER SERVICE

Nirvana Shop has a web care system that provides high quality customer service. Their customer service team is highly personalized, naming the representatives who are available to provide help to customers, Alice and AJ. At the same time, the web care page also provides a knowledge base where you can find the solutions yourself without having to personally contact the customer service representatives. However, when you cannot find the answers to your questions, contacting them will be a better option for you. It also provides updates, as well as forums where you can share your thoughts and questions together with other users of the site.


Overall, the website is very easy to use. The tabs are displayed clearly, allowing you to move around the site quite easily. You also have the capability to change the language options from the upper corner of the page, allowing you to enjoy the website on your own language. All information regarding the website is presented accordingly, including the address of the company, as well as the contact information. Features wise, the website is organized accordingly, not cluttered, nor too wordy. The pictures and images used are clear, giving you the information that you need regarding the strains that are available. The shopping options and process are also easy to complete.


As a company, Nirvana protects the best interests of their customers. It accepts different types of currencies, including the following:

– American Dollar
– Polish Zloty
– British Pound
– Euro
– Canadian Dollar

With regard to payment methods, you can pay through Credit Card, Bankwire, Sofort Banking, Bitcoins. On the other hand, cash on delivery, PayPal, Money Order, Cheque, as well as Western Union are not accepted. Information regarding bank transfer is also included in the payment option page.


Nirvana shop is proud to provide worldwide shipping. There is a fee which will cover the handling and shipping of the product. This is necessary in order to maintain the highest standard of stealth and fast shipping. There is an additional shipping cost to be applied if you order growth solutions. The packaging department processes delivery right after payment is received. After the payment process, immediate confirmation is sent through email. Large orders and growth solutions need to be sent in separate shipments.


– Comprehensive list of strains available
– Easy to use website
– Detailed information regarding strains and the company
– Contact information provided
– Reliable customer service support
– Reliable payment and shipment methods


The prices are in Euro. Customers need to convert every time they need to purchase.


According to different customers, their experience with Nirvana Shop has been pleasant. Every phase of the ordering process is completed with a notification email, thus allowing you to keep track of your order. Some praise the speed of delivery, however, this factor can still depend on the location of the one ordering, as well as other factors, including the bulk of order, and several other factors, such as custom guidelines.


Overall, Nirvana Shop is a legitimate and high quality online seed bank that offers several varieties of cannabis strains. This online seed shop has received positive feedback from many users. This only means that this is highly recommended even for new marijuana growers. The processes involved in shipment are very easy to follow, and have been enhanced as well for the benefit of the customers.

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