Nutrients for Growing Cannabis in Soil

marijuana-flower-2Among the most common mediums used to grow marijuana, soil is said to be the less costly and the fastest way to start a growing pot activity. How to grow cannabis in soil is the easiest because you can just buy a commercial potting soil from garden stores and use it as medium for your plants. It is good for those who are just new to cannabis growing because of accessibility and manageability. There are several good soil mixes available at shops and are being sold at a cheaper and fair prices. Most of these commercial potting mixes already contain the needed nutrients for growing pot. Some people who have already an experience in marijuana cultivation would prefer producing their own mixtures of absorptive material, raw soil and nutrients.

Garden Soil for Growing Cannabis

nutrientsSoil with a pH of 6.5 to 7 is ideal for growing weed because this will allow good uptake of nutrients. The soil texture is also important. Choose a kind of soil that can hold water and has good draining properties to prevent damaging the roots of the plants. Soil from the backyard or garden soil can be used to grow cannabis but make sure that the soil is pest-free and has a neutral pH. Acidity in soil will stunt the growth of the plants. If you are going to use garden soil, adding compost, other mediums and nutrients may be necessary to ensure that the plants will be getting what they need for faster and healthier growth.

Nutrient Options for Soil Growing

Check the pH of the soil prior to use and if it’s acidic, you can mix it with dolomite lime to adjust the pH. If the soil has poor water-holding capacity, you can add it with perlite or vermiculite. Perlite is also good to improve nutrient retention and drainage capacity. Below is a list of some products which you can add to soil:

Kelp meal

042013_kelp_meal_medContains good amount of potassium which will help nitrogen delivery to the marijuana plants

Bat guano

guano-closeHas a high content of phosphorus and nitrogen

Worm castings

wormContains an adequate amount of nitrogen and other micronutrients

Bone meal

meat_bone_mealIs neutral in pH, has high amount of phosphorus and contains lime which is good for making amendments to an acidic soil

In knowing how to grow pot, you also have to make a research on what nutrients are needed to keep them healthy and fast-growing. Potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus are the 3 primary nutrients needed on the different stages of marijuana’s growth. High quality organic nutrients may also be necessary even if you already have a high quality organic soil. In using, make sure to follow the correct watering schedule and nutrient mixture to avoid overfeeding your plants with nutrients. Remember that the amount of nutrients needed vary on the different marijuana