NYC Diesel Review – Is it the Cannabis Variety for You?

NYC-DieselType: Mostly Sativa
Flowering Period: 60-70 days
Climate: Indoor/Outdoor
Yield: 400 grams per plant
Stone: Very Strong Exotic High
THC Level: 20%
Height: 35-65cm
Growing Difficulty: Moderate

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Special Features

The New York Diesel or NYC Diesel is a multi-awarded cannabis strain. The genetic lineage of this plant is Sour Diesel, Afghani and Hawaiian strains. This Sativa-dominant plant gives a cerebral buzz that makes your body feel relaxed. Compared to other Sativa strains, NYC is not the easiest thing to grow. It doesn’t even give you a high yield. Still, many growers want to cultivate this plant due to its fast flowering period.

NYC Diesel is highly effective in relieving stress-related disorders, nausea and anxiety. It even stimulates your mindset so you can focus on your work.

People who take this strain feel uplifted, happy, creative, energetic and euphoric. But some people feel dizzy, paranoid, and even experience headache, dry mouth and eyes.

NYC Diesel has a fairly thick spear-shaped nugs that give different colors if you squish it from a curing jar.

This strain is quite greasy to touch and its trichomes have light brown to dark orange color.

The strain has an overall unique look, but its effects are very well-blended and uplift your mind as it relaxes your body.

NYC Diesel is perfect for those who have neck pains, headaches, and social anxiety disorders. Patients who are taking some medicines can still take this strain as it doesn’t give any allergic reaction, despite taking medical drugs.

This strain smells like a diesel. Thus, it’s called the NYC Diesel. You can also smell some chemical aroma, which is quite strong.

The taste also has a diesel-like flavor with a hint of citrus and fruity taste.

It is perfect for daytime usage because of the effects that it gives.

Growing Nyc Diesel Tips

You can grow NYC Diesel with both indoor and outdoor settings. But most expert growers recommend planting it in an indoor setting as it can give good yields. The indoor flowering would take 70 days and the harvest season is in late October to early November. The indoor clone strains can grow within ten days.

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