Pineapple Express Marijuana Strain Review

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Type: Indica/sativa
Flowering Period: 53-63 Days
Climate: Indoors and Outdoors
Yield: 400g/m²
Stone: heady and euphoric stone
THC Level: 17%
Height: 40-50 cm
Grow Difficulty: Easy to moderate

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Special Features

Pineapple Express is an indica/sativa marijuana strain. It came from Trainwreck and Hawaiian strains. It is described to smell like fresh apple and mango with a tang of pineapple, pine and cedar. It has a THC content of 17% making it potent for relieving anxieties. It is a grade B product with a light green bud that is dense with thick resin and with red speckles and THC crystal coverings. This strain can yield high crop whether indoors or outdoors.

Upon smoking of the strain, you will first smell its fresh, sweet and spicy aroma without the harsh feeling and then you will experience the buzzy, light and racy feeling of Pineapple express. Quite a relaxing effect without the feeling of sleepiness, thus increasing creativity, focus and awareness. It is convenient to smoke it during daytime with any types of paraphernalia you want to use. Its effect would remain 2-3 hours followed by a body buzz.

Pineapple express strains are used to relieve mild to moderate pain, depression and anxiety. It also uses to stimulate appetite. It is also use to relax your muscles and calm nausea. Great for people who are sad and depressed.

Pineapple express is sought after by many due to its fast harvesting time and high yields of crops. Though it is a short as it can grow only up to 50 centimeters and is a compact auto flowering strain, it can harvested in a minimum of 53 days after it is planted and gives 400 g per square meters of crop. For a better harvest, it is recommended to be harvested on the middle of October. You must be sure to plant it at the best environment you have and that you order the seeds from a reliable source so to have a good and high quality strain.

Growing tips for pineapple express

You must provide a good environment for the pineapple express to grow healthy. It is expected to be double in size after a day so, its branches should be supported as the strain grows to full length. It is recommended for those new in harvesting this type of strains due to its fast crop and high yield production.

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