Places Where Medical Marijuana is Legal

Meta Description:Marijuana has medical properties and there are places in the world that recognized this and legalized medical marijuana. Read on to find out what are these places.


Even though marijuana has been used as medicine many, many years ago, it has been only recently that it has been confirmed. Marijuana is a famous recreational drug and many countries prohibit the distribution, use and possession of marijuana. But because of its medical discovery, some have had a change of heart towards marijuana. There are now two kinds of marijuana that you can take, medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. Medical marijuana is already been made by many in some countries to treat medical conditions. But its use as medicine has not yet been maximized all over the world. Here are some of the places where medical marijuana is legal and their terms of use.

Places where medical marijuana is legal

  • Argentina–In Argentina, medical marijuana is allowed for medical purposes only. It can be used for personal use but in a limited quantity only.
  • Belgium – Personal usage of medical marijuana is allowed in small quantities only. But this is only allowed for adults who are 18 years old and above. Should not be used in the company of minors.
  • Canada – It is legal to use medical marijuana in Canada ever since the Marijuana Medical Access Regulations was passed in 1999.
  • Czech Republic –This place have decriminalized the possession of drugs. But the possession of medical marijuana is limited to 15 grams.
  • Israel –recreational marijuana is actually legal in Israel. You can have access to medical marijuana if you join the medical marijuana program if you have chemotherapy or HIV.
  • Italy – medical marijuana can be legally used by patients if prescribed by the doctor.
  • Iran – the use of medical and recreational marijuana is regulated by the government.
  • North Korea – in this place, marijuana is not classified as a drug but everyone is free to use marijuana.
  • Mexico – the personal use of medical marijuana is allowed until 5 grams only.
  • The Netherlands – the use of medical and recreational marijuana is legal for local residents but the sale of marijuana can only be done by licensed cafes.
  • Peru – the use and possession is allowed for locals up to 8 grams only.
  • Poland – In 2011, Poland has decriminalized the possession of small amount of marijuana.
  • Portugal –it has decriminalized all drugs but selling and redistribution of marijuana is still prohibited.
  • Spain –The possession of medical and recreational marijuana is not legal. It can be subject you to a fine or confiscation. But it can be used for education, research and medical use only.
  • USA – There are only around less than 30 states that have legalized the use of medical marijuana. The use of medical and recreational marijuana area also just regulated at a certain amount. Among the states that has legalized the use of marijuana are Arizona, Alaska, California, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Hawaii and many more.

Now that you know where medical marijuana is legal, you might think of moving to these places to experience marijuana without having to be worried about it. But even if it has already been legalized, it can only be used in regulation.