Purple Haze Review – Knowing About the Cannabis Strain

Purple-HazeGenetics:  Mostly Sativa
Climate:  Indoors/Outdoors
Yield:  400g/m2
Height:  Medium (80-90cm)
Flowering Time:  63 days
Effect:   Euphoria
THC Level:  15%-20%
Growing: Easy

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Special Features

Purple Haze is a cannabis strain popularly known for its qualities which attracts the attention of both smokers and non-smokers. Based on history, it got its name from a song popularized by Jimi Hendrix which has the same name. It does not grow so tall which makes it suitable for those who had little space because it won’t consume a lot of space.

As the name suggests, this strain yields purplish buds. With the effects that it has, it becomes more preferable especially among beginners who are just in the process of getting used to it. It does not give off a very strong smell and its effect is not heavy so one will not worry that they may not be able to withstand it.

For growers, many prefer this because possibility that it will be grown successfully is high. In fact, even beginners can successfully have this grown at their own weed garden. Little maintenance is required. However, it is still important that for one to expect good harvest, proper care must be given such as giving enough attention to the quality of the soil. For those who are expecting to see a more purplish bud color, delaying the schedule for harvesting will help them achieve what they want as the cold weather will bring effects to its buds.

This strain can survive even when it is grown indoor or outdoor. But if one wants to expect a more stable yield, growing it indoor should be chosen.

In the field of medicine, this strain is used to help one suffering from depression become better. It is also good for relieving one’s stress. The euphoric effect that Purple Haze gives make one feel a lot better than before.


Although Purple Haze can be grown both indoors and outdoors, one can expect different yields, depending on various factors, such as the soil. It is very easy to grow which makes it suitable for aspiring growers because little maintenance is needed. Under specific conditions, one can expect that it will still produce good crops.

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