Purple Unkle Review and Growing Tips

Purple-UnkleType:  Indica
Flowering Period: 60 – 65days
Climate:  Indoor/Outdoor
Yield:  Low to medium
Stone:  Couch Lock
THC Level: 18%
Height:  4-5ft
Grow Difficulty:  Moderate

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Special Features of Purple Unkle

Purple Unkle originally came from Northern California in the year 1980s. Up to this day, there is still no specific finding as to where it came from. Its parents are still unknown but there are already many theories surrounding it.

Purple Unkle is well-loved by smokers because of an excellent effect that it can give even at a lower dosage.

It is a great solution for people suffering from insomnia as it can lead one to sleep faster.

It is intended for night time use only because the effect can be so strong that one may be unable to withstand it.

This strain is recommended to smoke especially after spending more time at work wherein all your energy is drained out for that activity. It can help you recharge your strength faster without waiting for too long.

The effect lasts longer unlike other strains which only stay for an hour.

When experiencing a lot of stress, you can use Purple Unkle to come to your aid.

It is also an excellent pain reliever. It does not only provide relief to a particular part of the body but it can give alleviation almost anywhere.

It can also help one who frequently experiences nausea.

It is recommended for experienced users only because the effect might be too heavy that beginners might be overwhelmed. It is very potent which makes it hard for beginners to survive from its strong kick.

In terms of its appearance, it is referred to as a beautiful strain because it has the color of a strain which one can rarely see. It can tempt smokers by just the looks of it.

Despite a very low yield, there are still many growers who prefer to include it in their garden. It may not produce more harvest but it is in itself a high quality strain. Therefore, it is still an equally excellent strain. With proper growing procedure, one can still maximize the amount of harvest that they can get.

Its medicinal properties include the ability to give immediate relief to pain and migraine.

Growing Purple Unkle Tips

Purple Unkle is known to be a strain which grows short and bushy. As a grower, you should set a priority to provide enough room for it to grow. Do not plan to cultivate it in an area which will make it have a difficulty in extending its branches because it might only prevent it from producing more buds.

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