Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?

If you are looking for Sensible Seeds reviews because you want to check the reliability of this marijuana seed bank then you are in the right page. This review was written based on our hours of research and test order that we did with them.  Read on. review

TYPE of COMPANY: Online Seed Bank
LOCATION: United Kingdom
FOUNDED: More than 15 years
SHIPPING: Stealth Delivery through Royal Mail Airsure
PAYMENT METHODS: Credit/Debit Card, Bank Transfer, Western Union, Cheque/Money Order, Cash

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Sensible Seeds is considered as one of the very first online retailers selling high quality marijuana seeds. They have kept such reputation for the past almost two decades. Aside from the selection of more than 3000 strains, which also includes Cannabis Cups winners that they sell, they are also known for their great customer service. This company is run by a family known for their integrity and honesty. All customers are treated in a personal level, sharing such trust throughout several years. The company is currently the only UK supplier that offers a medical marijuana section which also recommends which strains are good to specific types of conditions.


When it comes about quality, Sensible Seeds is one of the most trusted in the industry. The company offers more than 3000 different strains of marijuana seeds, all of which have been sourced from 150 of the best breeders in the world. All of the seeds are purchased freshly packed while stored at a maximum environment which makes sure of their freshness. While you may manually search for the available streets from the list, you may also opt to use the Strain Search feature in order to go directly to the page of your chosen strain. The products map shows the available seeds, along with their price. They also mark if the strain is new in the inventory.


The website has a contact page which lists the phone numbers that you can contact for customer service inquiries. There are different numbers for different locations, making it easier to reach them even outside UK. At the same time, customers may also use a form to send a message of inquiry to the team behind the website. Sensible Seeds is the top priority of the company, and they get back to the customers as soon as possible.


Everything that you need can be found from the home page of the website. Choosing a particular link will then lead on to other pages on the website where specific information are made available. The good thing about the home page is that all categories of the available marijuana strains are available. Examples of the categories include strains that have Super High THC, Short Plants, Medical Conditions, Pure Sativa, and several others. These categories are perfect if you are still searching for that particular strain to use. There are also quick links that are available at the lower portion of the page. The only drawback about the website is that it seems cluttered, with so many information presented in a single page. There are also a lot of fine prints at the bottom of the page, which makes the site look wordy.


Sensible Seeds have various payment methods to choose from, such as Credit/Debit Card, Bank Transfer, Western Union, Cheque/Money Order, and Cash. For paying through credit/debit card, it is highly recommended to make sure that the expiry date of the card, along with the 3-digit security number is included. Mastercard and Visa are preferred. Cash is accepted in all major currencies.


Sensible seeds have been in the business for quite a long time, and have already specialized in making sure that orders arrive in a discreet, quick and safe way. Stealth delivery is their specialty, thus customers can be assured that shipment and delivery is safely done. The parcel will arrive like any priority service package in the local postal system. Contents are also protected with the use of extra padding. They also offer extra stealth, and super stealth options for those who would want complete peace of mind.


– the website is informative

– reliable company reputation

– easy to contact customer service options


– main page is too crowded/wordy


Reviews from customers suggest that they find the website very accommodating and helpful. The reputation of this online seed bank speaks a lot about its capabilities to deliver only the highest quality seeds. The wide array of available seeds is also a guarantee of satisfaction.


One look at the website, there is already an assurance of standards and quality. The availability of seeds and strain options is what makes Sensible Seeds a reputable online seed bank. Other features including the customer service options, FAQs, as well as other details in the website also makes it possible for customers to find whatever they need in the site without having to be guided every step of the way. The images and graphics used are very friendly to the eyes as well.