The Connection of Marijuana and Breastfeeding

Meta Description:Marijuana may have medicinal benefits but the connection of marijuana use and breastfeeding in women could still have some undesirable effects. Read on to find out more.

9245349_f520The first perception of people when they think about marijuana and breastfeeding is that it’s not good to do so. But is it really? Generally, it is not appropriate for a nursing mother to smoke weed while breastfeeding. This can have effects on the baby when they drink their mother’s milk that can be contaminated by THC from marijuana smoking. But there are others who would say that it is okay to smoke while breastfeeding. Just in the right time, amount and place. If you have this certain schedule, you would be able to regulate the use of marijuana and can potentially keep your baby safe from any harm that it can bring especially to the infant.

What do people say about marijuana and breastfeeding?

Many believe that marijuana and breastfeeding is not a good combination. The common idea of many people is that marijuana use can affect the ability of the mother to be able to properly take care of her child. Her judgement might be clouded or impaired. She might even possibly hurt the baby if under the influence of marijuana.

Marijuana has a component called THC. This is psychoactive which would mean that it affects the brain function. With excessive and uncontrolled use of marijuana, this could be a big issue for the mother. Furthermore, many would question her capability of taking care of her baby.

Is it safe?

On the subject of how safe it is to smoke marijuana and breastfeed, it would depend on some factors.

  • Duration and frequency of marijuana smoking – when a mother smokes marijuana, THC stays in the body for around 4 to 6 weeks. Mothers who smoke marijuana and breastfeed their baby have been found to contaminate the milk that they give their baby. THC is found in the urine of the baby based on some studies. Since THC is soluble in fat, it will stay in the fat tissue of long-time users for one to six months.
  • Its effects on the baby–Babies who drink breast milk from marijuana smoking mothers turn out to be sluggish and may not suck well. The brain development is a crucial stage during an infant’s growth. Marijuana can significantly affect the brain function. So this might be bad for the developing brain of the baby if the breast milk is contaminated with marijuana. They become more vulnerable to sickness such as illness, colds and infections.
  • Capability of the mother to take care of her child – This is the most common perception of many people when they know that the mother smokes marijuana. It is recommended that the mother does not smoke marijuana while nursing. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, nursing mothers should not use marijuana while breastfeeding. Mothers who do so should ask the advice of their pediatrician for alternatives.

It is clear that marijuana and breastfeeding do not go together. It can pose harm to the mother and most especially to the baby. It could be an option that the mother would stop smoking marijuana while she is still nursing and just find some alternative ways or regulate her use of marijuana.