The List of the Cannabis Seeds Strains with the Highest Yield

cannabis-yieldIn choosing the best cannabis strain to use, one should take note on their yield. It is obvious that users will not just settle for something that has a low quality in terms of its yield. They would definitely go for cheap marijuana seeds that have the most effective yield especially during its harvest season. Surely, not cannabis user would settle for a certain strain of cannabis strain that has a lower yield thus that user would have to deal and go through a lot of trouble trying to find for its availability or one has to wait for several life cycles to come so as to wait for that perfect timing when to buy marijuana seeds as it would depend entirely on its yield. Common sense will just provide you that notion that higher yields would mean cheap marijuana seeds because it would definitely take less time and less effort to grow these marijuana seeds. You might end up in a state wherein you have to buy marijuana seeds instead of harvesting your own cannabis seeds for your personal consumption.

The following are the list of the cannabis seeds which provides higher yields for your personal reference:

Light of Jah Marijuana Seeds

light-jahThis has been considered to have the most uplifting effect among the rest of the cannabis strains. It provides a yield of 750 g/m2 with a citrusy flavor to it.

Cheese Marijuana Seeds

cheese-cannabisThis strain has a very pungent smell to it which explains its popularity. It provides a yield of 700 gr/ m2 which gives smokers a giggly high effect.

Cheese Feminized Marijuana Seeds

cheese-ferminizedThis is best to be grown indoors however this will probably give the room an unappealing scent. It provides a yield of 700 gr/ m2.

Waikiki Queen Feminized Marijuana Seeds

wakikiThis type of cannabis is said to be especially bred for the heavy smokers. It provides a yield of 700 gr/ m2.

Azura Marijuana Seeds

azuraSo far, this has been said to bear the most yield among the rest of the mentioned cannabis. It provides a yield of 700 gr/ m2.

Preferring which between the Hybrid and the Pure Breed

The choice between the pure breed and the hybrid would also be considered when it comes to finding out which one is the best cannabis plant for you. Cheap marijuana seeds can either be cross bred or pure bred depending on the type of strain that they carry. Some cannabis strains have weaker properties that are why when you buy marijuana seeds, they would be the least popular. Therefore, to aid this predicament, they make crossed hybrid marijuana seeds.

In crossed hybrid cannabis strains, they are being done by crossing plants originating from different cannabis strain so that, when combined, they would from one type of cannabis strain with the desired properties that is present from both different types of cannabis strains. On the other hand, pure breed marijuana seeds are also being done by crossing plants that belong from the same type of cannabis strain yet they would come from different parent lineage. Pure breeds are actually being done so in order to fortify the positive properties of that particular cannabis strain and to further reinforce that genetic strain comprising it so it would be a lot stronger.

Big Bud Marijuana Seeds

big-budIt provides a yield of 600 gr/ m2. The smokers are then provided with a naturally sweet smelling scent that provides a favorable aftertaste. Its effects are also powerful and kick in very instantly. However, due to their taste, they are well regarded as one of the most sought after cannabis in the market.

California Skunk Marijuana Seeds

california-skunkIts versatility is being highly appreciated. With a blend of orange and skunky scent to it, it has been considered in demand. It provides a yield of 500 gr/ m2.

Ganesha’s Dream Marijuana Seeds

ganesha's-dreamFor newbies, this type of strain is not much of an effort to maintain. It provides a yield of 500 gr/ m2 and has minty to licorice aftertaste to it.

Pride of Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds

pride-of-amsterdamIt provides a yield of 500 gr/ m2 and has been known to have lots of crystals. It is basically a cross between the Powerful White Widow cannabis seed and the Northern Light x Big Bud Marijuana seed. It has also been known to have a strong effect on the smokers.

Finding the Type of High you prefer on your Cannabis seed

If you want to find your preferred cheap marijuana seeds, then it is highly suggested that you also have to consider the type of high that you want to experience from that particular cannabis strain. Your decision to buy marijuana seeds would depend on the type of cannabis that you prefer, whether it is indica or sativa type.

THC and CBD content should matter if you want to find out what type of effect that you would want for your cannabis seeds to hit on you. If you want to have that sleepy or sedated high, that which makes you more relaxed and more calmed, then you have to try the Indica type of cannabis as it has a higher amount of CBD. Now, if you want to have that energized and a more active high, that which makes you more capable to work efficiently and faster, then it is highly suggested that you prefer to take the cannabis plant that is more of a Sativa high. Sativa type is loaded on THC which makes you more alert and more active.

One can tell an indica from a sativa based on the potency content that they have possess. If a certain cannabis plant has seventy percent more THC, then it is a sativa type. If it has seventy percent more CBD, then that is an indica type. There are some cannabis plant that has an equal amount of sativa and indica – in which case, it provides a balanced effect between alertness and sedation.